Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I had a dream... no, not that kind, the sort where you wake up and wonder, "hmmmm... should I call (person in the dream). Normally when someone says this, I'm in the back row, rolling my eyes and snickering - so if you're of that sort, please, fill out the shoe poll from yesterday. Or better, yet, someone please tell me what the hell does a persons' geographical origin have to do with it being IN ANY WAY ACCEPTABLE for them to BACK INTO MY CAR and NOT EVEN APOLOGIZE?

No, no - my dream started with Scott and I hanging out at our friends' house, talking about our upcoming home projects, music and our various pets over drinks and dinner like always. I kept noticing Chiada jumping up and down and going to their guest bedroom, but didn't think anything about it. We started talking about them adding on to part of their house and she commented rather off-handedly, "Yeah, since we really need the room now with the baby and all.."

I stared at her in shock and gasped, "Whaaat are you talking about?"

She replied, "Oh, didn't I tell you? I was pregnant but I didn't know it - we had a little girl a couple of weeks ago - we're still in a bit of shock, actually, sorry for not calling you." She scooped up her little girl, who was sleeping in the middle of a pillow barricade in their guest bedroom, and showed her to me.

"How did you not know?" I asked - and she gave me this whole story (I won't go into details, but suffice it to say: completely plausible) about her surprise baby and how she'd gone to the ER for what she thought were back spasms and presto! A tiny, pink-lipped little peach of a girl. She wasn't quite sure if the baby, whom they hadn't named yet, had been born early, but she was perfect and healthy, so the hospital had let them take her home. They hadn't had any time to process the whole thing, buy baby stuff or clothes, or anything but the bare necessities yet.

Scott and I looked back and forth at them and each other and the little bundle in shock, and I said, 'you guys are going to be great parents, even though you weren't ready- don't worry, I'm going to throw together the Mother of all baby showers for you!'. We went home and I started calling every mom I know (lots of 'em - most of our friends, in fact) for their nice, but out-grown baby stuff. My dreams are usually pretty realistic and detailed, this is, in fact, exactly what I would do in real life - so that bit wasn't surprising.

So why bother to tell this story? I don't know - maybe because within this week, I've had several dreams that have come true, or because every time I get a feeling about something I should or shouldn't do and ignore it, it comes back and bites me in the booty. Who knows?

More about yesterday and its' random events later!


Chiada said...

Dude, this is SO.FRICKIN.HILARIOUS!!! I love it. I swear, I wouldn't put it past me to be 3 months along and not know it, simply due to being irregular. Of course, I'd suspect it. Oh ya, I'd suspect it. But if the home test was defunct and told me it was Negative, well, then I'd STILL suspect it. Plus, being a "tad" overweight it'd be likely to not show up for ahwile. LOLOLOL So so funny. Probably not for E though, LMAO. Ohhhh man. Good thing I wasn't taking a drink when I read that.

Meepers said...

I'm sayin' this: Yes to all of the above, plus you being so tall, you'd probably carry more "up and down" than OUUUT like we short peeps tend to do - what was funny was the way you were so offhand, like, "oh yeah, by the WAY, we had a baby...more mojito?" LOL - all I'm sayin' is this: BE CAREFUL - I've been known to be right about these things. Heh.

Laclos said...

Coo. ;-)