Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Short Poll for the Lurkers

I have a question for.. anyone.

Why is it when I need to do eight...thousand things, I manage to find six or eight tiny things to do that can take me all. day. long? This isn't procrastination, its more like compulsive multi-tasking.

Why? Why? Why? By the way, a small shout-out (blog-out?) to my sister/brother in law, nephew and niece (the one who can't read, since she isn't one yet). You see, that nifty StatCounter button lets me see all the people who (cough, COUGH, a-HEM!) lurk around here...without saying a thing.

Ahem. As you were. The "B" portion of this poll is: What is/are your worst habit(s)?


Lynn said...

Gosh. My worst habit? I don't know. Pulling my eyebrow hairs out when I’m nervous? Making my husband do all the hard chores around the house? This is hard.

Der Schwager said...

Well, now that the Cupertino clan's been outed, no choice but to 'fess up and admit that, yes, I do occasionally read M's blog. Thanks for making this public knowledge... I now feel so... free.

My worst habit? Gosh... it's such a loooong list, hard to choose THE worst one. Perhaps it's my maniacal, territorial, OC behaviour in my kitchen (see, right there: "my kitchen". No, it's called THE kitchen); maybe my worst habit is my driving... According to D., my worst habit is "the annoying thing you do with your nose when you get mad"; according to my incredible, beautiful L, my worst habit is winning the battle-for-the-duvet at night...

Chiada said...

A Stat Counter, eh?? So, does it show that every single time I lurk on your page? Or just each separate visitor? For instance, if I lurk 5 times a day (out of boredom, of course), does it show "Chiada has lurked 5 times today", or does it say "12 separate identities has lurked today" which wouldn't count the 5 times I visited?

the sightspeed guy said...

worst habit? probably wasting time on my blog. oh wait.

Meepers said...

All hail to the Cupertino clan! Ha! I think I finally solved our battles for the blanket - the other day I laid it ACROSS the bed. Hi to all from me - S. and I keep wishing my parents were more like the "fairy grandparents" and less of "furry granolaparents". Whatcha gonna do?

Lynn - don't feel bad, I used to pull out my eyelashes when I was little - it felt good for some reason. Weird, no?

Chiada - it doesn't say your name - it just shows your IP address of where you came from/how long you stayed, number of return visits. The best bit of it is the part where it shows what phrases people Google'd and ended up here. So far some of the more interesting ones have been:

"Pronounce challah"
"prank how many bottle on the wall"
"the dear departed - play"
and my personal favorite,
"Poems on humiliation"

I have NO idea what these people were looking for, but I'm pretty sure they didn't find it here.

Sightspeed: That one is getting to be one of my worst habits.

Lorena said...

My worst Internet habit is lurking, without commenting. I guess I'm outed now, though!

Miniac said...

One of my worst habits is reading your blog when I have eight thousand things to do! That's not procrastinating either, is it? I call it continuing education. ;)

desiree said...

And lo though I comment on a post from almost a month ago, how did you get the star counter thing and where did it come from? I would like to know how many times my blog is looked at too, I'm just very new to the world of blogging.