Friday, May 12, 2006

Be Right Back

Another blog-ette, written on the fly while watching the cats try and bite each others' ears off/lovingly play with each other. They are quite the little twosome, what with the eating of the plants (sorry Chiada, but Fern and her babies had to be moved outside to protect them from the jaws Miss Edie) and every available sharp thing they can get their paws on, etc. This morning Edie managed to climb into the tip-top shelf of my linen closet - I turned around to scoop up some more towels and didn't even see her jump the three and a half feet up/in to the first shelf. The third (top) shelf is two feet or more above that - how she managed to get up there is a mystery I'll contemplate for at least another few minutes.

Times like these make me thankful that we don't have kids around the place - I can totally see myself covered in (insert bodily fluids of your choice here) and saying, "But I was just trying to put the ______ in the _______... it was only for a second!" as my child perches happily on the roof/in the spagetti pot/sink of dirty dishes/destroys her fathers' guitar collection/the computer/gnaws on one of the cats. S of course, would simply shake his head, heave a huge siiiiiighhhhh and say, "Babe, you're not taking care of us. Rub my back." What I'm saying here: Us: Not exactly prime "parenting material".

Ah yes, my point (and I swear there is one here, somewhere): The cats are wreaking havoc in the house. Also, I'm leaving this afternoon for la-la land, not San Francisco - long sad story there. I am approximately ninety-nine percent certain that when I get home on Sunday, the house will be a complete and total wreck. Awesome! At least I've got a two-hour Greys Anatomy special to look forward too - yeeeaaaaah!

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