Thursday, May 04, 2006

Walking It Off

The scores' down, Lakers 111, Phonix Suns 118... me... one Fat Tire from getting sleepy...verry sleeepy. Since Mama and Papa Meepers are still in town (weather is, of course continuing fog/drizzle so they are going nuts over no beach time) I thought I'd do a quick follow-up to that last, rather tart, post. I've got a wedding (lovely, should be easy and fun) tomorrow, so I should be in bed, but my adrenaline is pumping and I already know I won't be sleeping for a few more hours.

Yesterday, my mom got done with hanging out with her friend(s) and came over to our house. I whisked her out of there, so she wouldn't start cleaning or organizing or giving me Fannie Farmer tips on how to boil water. Even she acknowledges, without reproach, that these things are just, "not your strong spot, Pip... just like I can't design a house or plan a wedding..or take up painting.." I do always remind her that the things I am good at STAY DONE. Also, no one will starve or die from a 'bad' painting or a less-than-perfect wedding. I always think that between the two of us, its as though Felix Unger gave birth to Oscar Madison.

We walked from our house down State Street, stopping and looking at shops, plants and cute houses like always, talking about nothing in particular. In my family, saying, "Let's go for a walk" is synonymous with saying, "Let's talk". There were no interuptions (thanks, cell phones) no one "dropping by" right at a dramatic moment, the freedom to be quiet and think. If a moment got overly tense, we could always divert our attentions to a vista, a park or a pressing need for a drink of water.

Some days I ask S to go for a walk and he always asks, "Where are we going?", and I usually toss back an irate, "for a walk, whatd'ya mean where?". Generally when I toss out a destination, he'll say, "Naaaaaaaaah... I don't wanna go theeerrrre... we should go to Oak Park."
Oak Park is a scant two and a half blocks from our house, not even enough time to get started talking and walking, much less have an actual conversation with any more subject beyond what to have for dinner.

On the way down State Street my mom and I went into Fashionique, a gem of a consignment store run by some old Carp. buddies of ours. They have amazing vintage, great brands and such. good. prices. I got two adorable skirts, two darling thin, zip-up hoodies (Chock Late brown and a nice leaf green) and an extra-long, extra-thin pink shirt for sixty bucks! Everything is like new and different or funky enough for my "trying not to look like Morticia Addams" resolution for spring and summer. I picked out an a-dor-able white skirt (linen-y cotton applique work) and another skirt (graphic cream and black) for my mom, she added an adorable black and cream top from Bannana. We spent so much time chatting and trying on clothes that we never made it down to the bead store we'd set out for in the first place.

S. picked us up, we ran home and changed into cute going-out clothes and ran to Montecito to pick up my dad from Cafe del Sol and headed for Opal. The 'dinner scene' my dad had decried the night before turned into "The best service, staff, food we've had in FOREVER!", complete with a gratis creme brulee, courtesy of the owner and my favorite bartender, Esteban*. Both of those gents, plus another one of the waiters, sat down and chatted with us - my parents were out of their heads with the love we got - apparently the service is bad to excruciating in the Aspen area, despite all the money that flies around. My mom wrote them an adorable note on their chalkboard, my dad rhapsodized over the food and (of course) tried dorkily to flirt with the waitresses. They both were surprised at how "reasonable the prices" were for how tasty/organic/nicely presented it was. All in all, it was a smashing sucess - so delectable that we had to take a walk after dinner.
(*He's one of the top five bartenders in Santa Barbara, and will only be at Opal for two more weeks. After that, you'll find him at Stella Mare's. I'm just bummed I won't be able to walk to the best rosemary lemon drop around anymore!)

Dinner Menu, in case you were wondering:

-Phyllo-Wrapped Tiger Prawns over shredded green with a light coconut curry dipping sauce.
Wine: Foxen Cabernet, 2002
-Paella (me) with prawns, scallops, mussels, Andoulaise sausage and chicken. Heaven!
-Chicken-Wild Mushroom Enchilades (mom)
-Wild Salmon with...something and whipped potatoes (dad)
-Filet tips and a spicey cream sauce, pasta (S.)
-Creme brulee. Mmmmm

Walk it off, indeed

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Chiada said...

That menu reminds me of Robin's in Cambria - mmmmmm!! They also have a restaurant, same owners, in SLO called Novo. Known for their International foods and especially for their salmon bisque - to die for!

Hey, your walks reminds me of the time we took baby Chloe up to the rose gardens & how everybody adored her, but she was such a pill to control at the gardens. Good times!