Thursday, June 22, 2006


Ok, I'll break under pressure: Thursday Thirteen.

Thirteen Things S. and I disagree on:

  1. The undeniable fact that is hotness of Halle Berry, Ty Reese, Paul Walker and other non-famous people. I am right.
  2. It being a good idea to have kids. Or when, how many, (ie: He's requested a "basketball team" of boys that range in height from six to seven feet tall. I laughed in his face and may have used the term, "I fart in your general direction.") boy vs. girl, etc, etc. ad nauseum.
  3. The leaving of the seat up in the middle of the night, causing what I call the splashdown factor. Disgusting!
  4. How cool it would be to move to a 'big ole' house in the country' (Him: Delusions of Grandeur. Me: Realistic and aware that we would both hate it.)
  5. Watching Dr 90210. Ever. (Him: Ugh....hey wait, are those, boobies? Me: Ohhh! Coool!)
  6. How incredibly urgent it is that we finish (read: drop extensive amounts of money on) doing the yard. Now. Yesterday. Because it appears that large, rabid gophers have attacked, regurgitated a bunch of weeds, rocks and weird plants and moved on. (Me: I've got two kidneys, let's get to work! Him: Manana!)
  7. If we need to get a new car. (Me: Whyyyyy? It's paid for, and it works! Him: I like ... that)
  8. The number of pairs of shoes that are required to be individually packed in plastic bags so as not to damage each other (at least six) to go somewhere for three days.
  9. Wine vs. Champagne - actually this isn't so much a disagreement as a mutual decision not to share.
  10. How many black T-shirts are needed to support human life. (By his count: 328. Mine: T-shirts are icky on me, so how 'bout... five, saved for working in the yard.)
  11. Humour value of Family Guy and South Park. I say yes, he says 'baaaaaabe, no do!"
  12. How many times per day it is appropriate to pass gas by pointing your butt directly at your spouse. Me: None, zip, zilch, zero. Him: 12
  13. How fun swimming is (Me: Duhhhh! the best! Him: Can you drag me around the pool some more?)


the sightspeed guy said...

I just can't fathom how someone can think Family Guy or South Park is not funny.


desiree said...

I abhor number 12. I loathe number 12. I have gotten up, walked away from the moron I'm dating, left his house and not talked to him for weeks because of number 12. I had one lousey request, ONE when we started dating two years ago AND HE CAN'T EVEN HONOR IT.


But he doesn like cartoons. I even got him into "Aqua Teen Hunger Force".

LindsayJustine said...

1 - thoes people ARE hot. especially Paul ;)~
2 - have a "basketball team" would require you to be incredibly financially stable. no one is.
3 - dont do that. keep the lid closed, no one wants to see the inside of the toilet (no matter how spotless) when you first walk into the bathroom - no one.
4 - big house, country...not cool seeing as you do not drive, you would go crazy-er, and not in a good way. most likely drive S crazy as
5 - Dr. 90210, cant really comment as i do not have cable...but sounds neato
6 - honestly, will the yard ever be "finished" ? seeing as its plants and stuff that are always growing/changing...yea.
7 - new vehicle? didnt you guys JUST get that one like 3 years ago? put your boner away, lol
8 - there is no argument when it comes to shoes, none.
9 - wine/champagne. both are good, but champagne is bubbly! less calories, too i think?
10 - i have never, ever, EVER seen S in any other color shirt. ever.
11 - family guy and south park are totaly funny. as a matter of fact, i have all seasons through #7 of south park on dvd, so if you feel the need for enjoyment, just ask!
12 - keep your bodily functions to yourself. that is just foul. no excuse for that...
13 - swimming is awesome! low impact on joints and its easy exercise!

you busy this eveing? drinks? maybe? IM OLD ENOUGH NOW! ahhhh!!! : )

Meepers said...

Haaaa! I love your comments, all of them! Linds - we're getting ready to go to the funeral tommorow and have to leave at the crack (siiiigh) so no drinks tonight - Next week?

LindsayJustine said...

next week it is then