Thursday, June 22, 2006

In Which I tell you to go elsewhere ...

Thanks for asking, I feel much better. Finally. However, my brain hasn't yet jumped to its next conclusion, I mean, topic. So I've got a favor to ask of all of you: Will you please go over to The Sightspeed Guys' place, watch his video, and comment on it? Pretty please?

Bonus: Because I'm a dork, I will admit to being a bit excited to merit a brief mention, by my real name, in the report. Watch it and see if you catch it - if you don't know me, try and guess the spelling of my real name and post it in comments. Speaking of which - since I'm hardly anonymous what with the pictures and the talking about the cats and all.... I should explain about the Meepers bit, no?

In another time, I managed an insurance brokerage - hey, stop snoring over there - for five and a half years. Five-plus years is a really long time to sit in unflattering lighting and wish for the millionth time that people would stop thinking you're incompetent because you happen to be the first person to pick up the phone. Consequences of working with some of the same people for that long are as follows:

  1. You know all of each others' jokes, irritating personal habits and foibles, and have nicknames for each other. Deep and unabiding sarcasm with regard to the extent of corruption in corporate America.
  2. Excessive office-to-office IM'ing about other co-workers/boss, leading to hysterical bursts of laughter when the office is dead silent. Also in-depth knowledge of times/prices/days of local happy hours.
  3. You (well, I) start to invent ways to pass the time, such as torturing telemarketers with the clever use of the soundboards on Ebaums' world. Especially the Jack Black and Dr. Phil ones. Not that I'm suggesting anyone who works in an office put the telemarketers on hold, pull up the soundboards, place the telemarketers on speaker, and have ten-minute random "conversations" with them. No, no.
  4. You develop little rituals, such as leaving coffee cups in the sink for the secretary to clean up (I did not do this), coercing the boss into buying everyone margaritas on Fridays, and saying, "MEE!PERS!" any time you walk back into the office.
Thus, a blogger nickname was born - and you totally needed to know that, right? Now go on over to Pete's place and watch the video report, mmkay? Don't forget to write him a comment or two!


LindsayJustine said...

HAHAHAHA i knew why you were meepers. but of course i did, cause now i'm the lame person in the insurance office. go me. but i totally laughed out loud when i read about the IMing to eachother and busting up when there is complete silence in the office. good times. by the way, i like your shirt in your new pic. and i know how to spell your name...but i wont just for the sake of the people that dont know you. you gotta meet my kitty!

Meepers said...

Well of course you know how to spell my name - remember the whole LindsEy/Linsey/etc thing? Haa! Can't wait to meet her! Hi to CB, DB and BK for me, yes?

LindsayJustine said...

BK is going to call you about tadpoles

the sightspeed guy said...

fellow blogger shout out!

boy i'm glad to be a dude. that way i won't have to worry about weirdos contacting me.

oh wait, i'm on myspace, never mind...