Friday, June 16, 2006

Such a Whiner

Please allow me to preface my histronics with a warning: Santa Barbara natives (and I mean born and raised here, not the 'transplanted natives', people who have lived here for 10 or 15 or more years) are so incredibly spoiled with the weather. Completely cruel, off-topic side note: I'm sitting at the Daily Grind and there is a German guy (West Germany, I'm thinking, thank goodness) wearing pants that can only be described as "Pimp Highlighter Yellow" with a lime-green paiseley shirt, and white patent leather mules. He smells like he just bathed in a vat of Das Pimpenschtein cologne, far more preferable to that other famous eurotrash smell, "unwashed nastiness."

That being said, I'm hotter than a, uhhh, a chile pepper under a blowtorch in the summertime. The breeze is (thankfully) blowing just a teeny, tiny bit. I'm going to the beach in a little while, after I do what would be referred to as "the bare minimum" of housework so that when Paul comes over, I'm not completely embarassed. Paul, of course, being Paul Walker - since Scotts' more or less 'bros' with him these days via the music store.

It is so hot that last night at eleven thirty, had you been at East Beach, you would have found me there, having a swim. Aaaaahhhhh! Don't hate me for saying this, but I am outta here- I'm hitting the beach!



the sightspeed guy said...

Don't worry. The climate elitism wears off after a good fog.


Chiada said...

Is "he" REALLY coming over to your house???? Dude, I am SO there. I promise I won't be all weird fawning or making stupid jokes. I promise to just be my usual normal self and to be "cool". LOL :P

Anyways, I need an excuse to meet with my guitar "teacher" and get another lesson. How about lesson in exchange for, say, 3 bottles of wine??? :D

chiefbiscuit said...

I just can't imagine a sunny day at the beach these days - you know how when you're in one season you just can't imagine another? Like that.
Love the description of the euro-trashy guy!! Esp the name of his deodo!!

Meepers said...

Ahhhhh! Blogger ate my comments back to y'all!

SPG: I know, I grew up in the dense fogs of carp(interia) - but ya get terribly spoiled round here, its just a fact.

Chiada: I'm (mostly) joking, but on the other hand, knowing Scott someday I'll come home completely hot/disheveled/a mess and guess who'll be on my couch. I'd say ya sure, come on down, but I think it'd be more of a spontaneous thing. KWIM?

CB- I know exactly what you mean.

Wordnerd said...

Holy crap -- THE Paul Walker? I'm a blubbering idiot already, and I'm not anticipating being in the same room with him. Came here via Desiree, who had great things to say about you. I love your blog!

Meepers said...

Hi WN - yes, that Paul Walker, really, he is just a dorky (gorgeous) guy that happens to live around here. But yes, THAT Paul Walker. Heh.