Saturday, June 17, 2006

Reese's Pieces of Me

A Quick Thanks to Craig: Yesssss! Got a tenant - she's perfect (read: will pay rent, can move now, doesn't smoke,) and even picked up on the subtleties of one of my emails. Also: She brought us Costa Rican coffee when she came back over. Even though I don't drink coffee, the gesture alone confirmed my earlier notion that she's a perfect match for us. Yessssss!

First of all, you should go right now and see Nacho Libre. By "right now" I mean "as soon as you get to the end of this entry," because ....well, I'd like someone, anyone who blogs/does diary entries/online journals to please stand up and say, "No, really, I don't care who reads this, or if anyone reads it at all, seriously... I'm just doing this because __________." By the way, if anyone does sack up and actually say this, they are a) blogging for work - and please, if you are blogging for work, can I get that job? b) completely delusional. Back to the movie, though: Our man Jack Black and his "steeetchy paants" works his best angles (grandiose gesturing, mad air guitar, improvised songs, arching eyebrows, perfectly round Buddha-belly). Add 70's style filming, an over-saturated palette, great soundtrack and dead-eyed Mexican child actors and I think its a real recipe for those huge snaaaaaarks! of laughter.

We were seated about a third of the way up, in the middle of the theater, so pretty much in the middle of a bunch of people who were approximately one-third my husbands' age. Not a subtle bunch, let me tell you. About mid-way through the previews, (something with cow-like, udder-y creatures that had distinctly male voices, something else with ..... jellybeans? I seem to recall jellybeans) Scott leaned over and asked, "Babe, is this a kids' movie?"

Ding-ding-ding! We have a winnnnaaaah!

I freely admit that we did both want to see the picture - and that having a nine-year-old girl for the weekend made it even more fun. So I give you, in bullet points, keys to having a fantastic weekend:

  • Start your weekend on a Friday. This is key. Proceed directly to the beach, take your friends and one of their little girls kayaking.
  • Move the "beach party" to a nearby house that is handily equipped with a pool and hot tub, order pizza and make a few drinks.
  • Give a pack of ten kids instructions on how to swim from one of the pool to the other, float on their backs, play "Shark", Marco Polo, and the new & improved Silent Marco Polo. Watch them go crazy, recieve mad props from happy moms and neighbors.
  • Buy ice cream, pop corn, and return home with one a nine year old girl. Allow her to stay up until one-forty-five am eating said treats and watching Eight Below. Ask if she'd like to meet the star of the movie, dissolve into hysterical laughter when she says she'd rather meet the dogs.
  • Day Two: Get up late, make strawberry pancakes.
  • Go to a new and different beach, take the kid boogie-boarding until you are both blue-lipped and raisin-fingered.
  • Inform her that you'll be keeping for another evening and that you'll be going to the movies as soon as she showers. Purchase dinner and absurd amounts of candy for her, smuggle them into the theater with twinkly-eyed aplomb.
  • Allow her to select her own box of "breakfast cereal", new sketchbook and wear your (smallest) clothes. Stay up late, again and spend time learning about the fascinating world of Neopets.
  • Day Three: Awake at ten, eat "cereal"and fruit salad out of fancy china, wrapped in fancy sheets, discuss Neopets and The Proud Family.
  • Walk to a local museum and spend the afternoon sketching various peices.
  • Buy her a couple of books, write her a Summer Reading list, send her home with a "book deal" - Every time she does a book report (turn in a five-sentence book review via phone, email or other medium) she gets five dollars.

  • Get a huge, huge hug and million big smiles, and the sense that you have Made an Impression. Yeah!


Wordnerd said...

Okay, can I be nine years old again? What a fantastic weekend!

Meepers said...

I had AT LEAST as much fun as she did, trust me, get a nine year old and take them around - you probably won't regret it. She was our flowergirl in our wedding and says the only thing she remembers is stepping on my veil and making it come off. (Which was hilarious, a kind of no-harm, no-foul situation). Thanks for coming by! Stay tuned!

LindsayJustine said...

i want to meet Paul Walker! and the dogs! hahahaha...we need to get some drinks or something. give me a call, damnit. : )

Meepers said...

Hey Linds! Martinis, what? Did I hear "Happy hour at Sharkeez? I think I did. Friday, maybe?

LindsayJustine said...

MmMmM happy hour. yum for the tum...friday is good, or thursady...or even today. haha. just let me know...fosho

Meepers said...

Hmmm... well I've got a meeting later tonight, no $ till at least friday - friday?

LindsayJustine said...

firday sounds wonderful. cant wait!