Sunday, July 30, 2006

Lend a Hand

Guys? I'm sorry I've been so hideously, utterly, dull lately. However, I have a favor to ask of you:

Stop over at Karens' place (The Naked Ovary) and give her A HUGE ROUND OF APPLAUSE! Why? Because after over five years of crushing dissapointments, waiting, endless paperwork, more waiting, and more frustration than one ought to endure, she gets to see the first picture of her daughter. Tomorrow. Her daughter is going to be called Maya.

I stumbled over there about a year ago, I don't recall how - and I ended up staying, captivated by the journey that this person and her husband were taking, her writing, her humour in the face of some bleak, black times. The fact that her daughter and I would share a name was just an added bonus. She also happens to do a fairly hysterical comic strip (which is going to need to be added to, cough cough).

So head on over and join the party - Karen and Random are officially parents as of TOMORROW. This calls for a drink.


Fizzle said...

Hey girl, you feeling better?

Nice of you to point out Naked Ovary's journey!! She's a phenomenallly funny writer. I can relate to that wait she's going through to find out who her baby is....

Meepers said...

I'm starting to feel human - but sooo tired. I feel like a chick or something, I get tired so fast. Todays' activities: Reading a Dan Brown book, plucked eyebrows, pet cats, watched an absurd amount of movies.

So - the wait... its excruciating, no?

chiefbiscuit said...

Went over to Naked Ovary - so exciting for them!
Watched your very funny video - you are such a scream! Those 'thou shalts' are sooo, so, funny! (where on your blog are they written?)

Meepers said...

Actually I'm going to post them... right now.