Friday, July 28, 2006

Fantastic Four Plus Video!

In Which I explain what the hell is wrong with me

Take Four:

Four jobs you have had in your life:
1. Opticians' Assistant - Grinding and trying on glasses was fun, the time this old lady showed me her bumcrack, not so much.
2. Florists' assistant - as we all know, this lead to my current job in events - a definite favorite
3. Office drone/manager for an insurance brokerage - I still "sub" in here and there for the office, they are my friends. (Hellooo, Lindsay!)
4. Wearhouse 'rat' with a bunch of smelly boys and one girlfriend - fun times for a few months.

Four movies you would watch over and over:
1. Ghost World
2. Lost in Translation
3. any Indiana Jones. Yep, I am a dork.
4. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Original version.

Four places you have lived:
Ummmm.... I can list five HOUSES I have lived in. In two towns that are within fifteen miles of each other.
1. Age 0-13.5 - I lived in basically one room of one house - born IN the house, loved the house, still dream of being at/around the house. I hope the mean lady who moved there is happy with her dogs and took good care of my cats who wouldn't 'move' two houses over with us. It seemed so incredibly unfair that our entire family could be so displaced by a single person - and her money.
2. Age 14-17 - Horrid house that took us a lonnnng time to make into a decent house, never comfortable there. My poor mother basically stopped eating here, due to the nice present of a stove with insulation that was soaked in rat piss the prior tenants left us.
3. 17-20 - Actually moved house three times here (from Horrid house to another, nicer house with the exact same floor plan, where we lived for about a year - then from that house to another house, where I lived for about six months, and than to our little studio as newlyweds)
4. Four months after we were married, we moved into our house. My goodness was I sick of moving at that point. These days, I actually wouldn't mind it, just so that I could, (coughs, looks around) get rid of some stuff - you know, things that might not be mine...but are completely taking over my house.

Four TV shows you love to watch:
1. Lost. Why? The 'plot' is hysterically full of holes, the scenery reminds me of our honeymoon and Hawaii in general, and Daniel Dae Kim's cheekbones/Matthew Fox's incredible stubble pretty much kill me. Plus! Sun's pregnant! Baby Turniphead! Television Without Pity Recaps!
2. 24. Need I say it? Next season, I'm definitely playing the 24 drinking game at least once.
3. Grey's Anatomy. Sorry, I know, it's ER meets Allie McBeal, but I love it. Scott makes relentless fun of me for it.
4. The Daily Show or the Colbert Report - toss up!

Four Places you have been on Vacation:
1. England
2. Costa Rica
3. Australia
4. Finland

Four websites you visit daily:
Wouldn't say I go anywhere daily, but 99 percent of the days, I go to:
1. Most of the sites on my links. It's true... I do, I really, really, do - that's why I made the links -because I'm far too lazy to type. in. the. actual. websites.)
2. Santa Barbara Wedding Guide
3. MSN/BC, en route to check on email accounts

Four of my favorite foods:
1. Indian. Seriously, bring on the curries, the masalas and the Mango lhassi. Aloo gobi me. Take me to your garlic naan and let there be chutney and the smooshy peas.
2. Chocolate
3. Ok, really....All fruits except papaya. Papaya, despite being the only word that I know of that rhymes with my name, is horrid and disgusting and quite slimy.
4. Ice cream. Technically, the following: -cinnamon ice cream with chocolate chunks and bits of oatmeal, or plain chocolate or blueberry from Double Rainbow, or mango mochii.

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. The Land of Good Health
2. Costa Rica - it couldn't be any hotter than it is now, plus there are monkeys and iguanas and things like that.
3. The beach - our beach would be fine, actually.
4. A cool pool. Anywhere would do, as long as I felt better.

> Four friends I am tagging that I think will respond…..
1. Chiada, because I will nag her until she does and she'll get all concerned and list-y and do it.
2. My sister, because....above?
3. Chiefbiscuit?
4. Janet? I couldn't say.

Four Places you’d love to visit (with money)
1. Prague.
2. Italy
3. Thailand
4. New Zealand/Bali (we'll pretend it's a Pan-Asian tour?)

Four foods you don’t like:
1. Most sushi - mostly bad memories, but suffice it to say that one bad boyfriend really and truly ruined sushi for me in a far more lasting way than say, bad food poisoning.
2. Beef and most pork= Tummy ache for me!
3. Salmon. Gahh!! People are always saying, "oh, people who don't like fish, loooove salmon, its not fishy at alllll." No. That is not true. Salmon is the spawn of eeevile, and it tastes like nothing BUT fish. I love fish, but please, I beseech you, do not make me eat your "special salmon" - I have tried everyone's 'special salmon', and it tastes like what I imagined it would: Salmon. Which is akin to me saying quite a rude word, but this is supposed to be a family-friendly blog.


Janet said...

Me Janet?

If so, my answers are here. I did a similar one a few months back

It did not ask me for foods I didn't like though, which are: fish, tomatoes, green beans, shrimp. Bleh.

And, amen on that salmon speech. Salmon is fishy.

chiefbiscuit said...

Moi? Oh well - go on then ... I'll do it - just for you ;)

chiefbiscuit said...

Sorry, as my job entails working with 'germy little buggers' :) I can't stay away from them - but pleased you're feeling better!
Your video put me in mind of a Sandra Bullock film clip actually.
BTW this weekend i am sufferring a throat lurgy thing which I got from my particular GLBs!!!

Meepers said...

Yes, you Janet and CB - I beg of you to get better. Agree about green beans - also zucchini -blech! Actually from now on, if I say "Salmon", let's make that code for "A$$" - ok? Ha!

CB: Heh...Sandra Bullock - I don't get that one as much as a) "You're a wedding planner? Yeah--- you kinda look LIKE J. LO, too" Weeeeeelllll, ya, sorta - only without the juicy booty and the cadaverous husband.

the sightspeed guy said...

two words: smart water. electrolytes without the funny taste.