Thursday, August 17, 2006

Choose Your Own Adventure

First of, I'd like to thank everyone who clicked on my picture and helped to get me to the
Hall Of Fame over at 25 Peeps ...granted, I'm 86th out of 100, but hey, not so bad for a silly picture of me in Scotts' cowboy hat, is it?
Suddenly, I've had the feeling I'm on assignment. Check out this comment from my sister (the one on the right, we'll call her "Pamby", as opposed to Crazy Cat Lady, "Pony" who is on the left of my mom)

Alright, well this is proof i was here. very cute and funny. write a good one about me- yep i am just that self centered. :)
SoooooOOOOOOooooo..... What to write about? Some topics that come to mind are:

-The times she's fallen out of the car (twice in her life by age sixteen)
-That one time she shaved her head, and looked really cute. Well, that summed it up, now didn't it?
-How Pony almost choked her to death with the cunning use of ...raisins. Evil Sunkist raisins. (Happy ending, my mom came outside, saw her turning blue in her baby swing and turned her upside down.)
-How she caused the incredibly heartbreaking moment of our wedding by crying inconsolably as we were leaving.
The fact that she's a certified nail technician, and yet has never given me a manicure or a pedicure, (not even during the two months she was here in town on an extended visit) and keeps her nails very, very short.
-How very envious I am of the fact that she looks incredibly cute with short hair - this is due to her bright greeny-blue eyes and nice, wide mouth. (Whereas I would look, doubtless, like someone's mum on holiday, or a wet rat.)
-The way her hands have always resembled my fathers', ever since she was a tiny baby, and her early penchant for drawing stick figures with large, square hands.
-How close the two of them were for most of their lives....and how I've always felt like the thumb on the "hand" of my family. Odd woman out, and all that, you know?
-Her passion, as a little girl, for wearing hats, granny wigs and lampshades in conjunction with large footwear, such as our parents' boots, and little else.
-How I asked my parents repeatedly for a family that was, "The whole haaaandfullll..." - and oh, how we got it, when she was born. The whole. darn. handfull. Two, possibly.
-Her staunch defense of Pony from all scary things such as spiders, strangers and scary shadows and noises, even though Pony was her senior by twenty months.
-That she's the best arguement I know of for having three kids (if you've already got two, of course) instead of two.

Pick, please....I'm finding myself to enmeshed with my subject to clearly decide.


Ree said...

I love that photo. Neat color.

Chiada said...

I'd like to hear how she fell out of the car.

the best nail tech ever said...

aww..peeb! i love it. i have to say that i am surprised that you even were aware of the whole wedding crying incident. i just wasn't ready for you to leave. when we all lived together- i had fun every day, especially the last number of years, and i was so sad you weren't going to be coming home any more... okay, getting sad, must change subject. so! i need to send you some new pics, as the one you posted is over two years old, not to mention that i was somewhat.. tipsy, as you may recall. so, has pony told you about my little (BIG) crush? as it turns out, when i am into someone, i turn into this fearless take charge type of person- and i LOVE it! haha. turn in for updates.


Mrs. Ca said...

I definitely vote about how she fell out of the car. Twice. Sounds like that story is either entertaining or very scary.

desiree said...

Yay! I voted for you on 25 peeps. I withstood the massive amounts of boobage and helped get you to the 80's. *pat pat* I feel all proud now.

I like all the stories. And the photo. And the familiness. All good.

chiefbiscuit said...

Whereas I would look, doubtless, like someone's mum on holiday, or a wet rat. right there is why i love to read your blogs!

Meepers said...

If only I said that purely for the humour value. Thanks, CB!