Thursday, August 17, 2006

Hungry for Trouble

Items Edie has Attempted to Ingest in the Past Twenty-Four Hours, in bullet points for your viewing pleasure:

  • Rubber band, large
  • Dime (retrieved out of Scotts' change bag with the deft use of paws)
  • Piece of curly gift-wrapping string
  • Nickel (see above)
  • Band-Aid wrapper, retrieved from trash
  • Fluffy, feathery cat toy
  • Bit of....special paper (clean, people, clean)
  • Phone charger cord
  • Her brothers' ear, nose and throat
  • My hair
  • Corner bit of my hallway carpet
  • All of her food, all of her brothers' food that he did not actually hover over and eat in quick, furtive gulps. Keep in mind that he outweighs her by probably four pounds (two-thirds her weight)
  • Oh, yeah...and she attempted a guitar string as well.
Can someone please tell me how in the world this animal only weighs six pounds? No, she does not have a tapeworm.


the best nail tech ever said...

alright, well this is proof i was here. very cute and funny. write a good one about me- yep i am just that self centered. :)


Jules1398 said...

Your kitty sounds like a new puppy with a chewing habit! Yikes - I hope you have good pet insurance *smile*

Meepers said...

Pamby...what the heck am I supposed to write about YOU?

Jules...She's just a little nut - Scott says its because she was put in a dumpster at such a young age. Poor little dumpter-diver.

desiree said...

She is very adorable and petite. I have no idea. I had a cat that nested and would steal things (socks, towels, bits of fluff, etc) and build little nests in the closet and behind doors. He would also suck and lick my hair while I slept. I think he was grooming me. Some cats are just different.