Thursday, August 10, 2006

A Decade or More Ago...

This is too funny, you guys. Go read Chiada's "How we met" story. Keep in mind this was more than ten years ago...One Enchanted....(not) evening.. . Also: Wish her best of things on her real estate tests and a happy (belated) seventh anniversary. She's just the best, I tell ya!

Additionally: Please also visit over here here for "How Not to Act on J-Date" - this one is really, really funny. Worth the read-through, I didn't listen to much of the audio, but...what a JERK!


desiree said...

That J date thing? Oh. My. God. Words cannot describe the crazyness. I suddenly feel compelled to find this SOB and harrass the hell out of him.

I read how Chiada met you. Aww. Very touchind ode to meepers I should say.

Meepers said...

I think of it more as an ode to friendship, and taking a chance on people. The JDate thing? COMPLETELY FREAKIN' NUTS! But good for that girl for having the stones (or, ovaries, if you will) to say, mmMMMmmmm..NOPE! Don't think so, dude!