Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Of Earthly Delights

Oh, I didn't tell you about 25 Peeps? Sorry, I just realized that. Well, hmmmm.... 25 Peeps, what to say - umm, its basically a site where (from my observations) people put up pictures (much boobage, none of it mine, thankyouverymuch) of themselves and the picture links to their blog. The more people that click on your site, the longer you stay up on the 25 Peeps main page. I think Lynn has been there for so long, she's got to be in their Hall of Fame by now, which is cool because she's one of the few female bloggers besides Thea and I to have clothing on. you know. Go click on my picture (or not), or better yet, add yourself.

Now, I've been going on about the bright, bright, brightness of my new sheets, and how much I love them. So here are some pictures - our bedroom has basically no natural light, so these don't really do justice to the day-glowiness of our room.

Exhibit A: Pink + Orange + Stripes + Flower Pattern = Crazy bedroom

Exhibit B: Makes it look like the pillowcases are darker than the sheet. They aren't. Sorry for my suckage.
Exhibit C: Pretty, pretty orange/pink/salmony bedskirt - try to picture it with the orange comforter next to it. Much better, huh?
Don't you open boxes of chocolates your sister-in-law gives you in bed? I do. Joseph Schmidt is Lord of the Chocolate.
MmmmmmmmMMMMMMMMMMMMMeee: Stifling my cries of delight at the luscious, cacao-rich goodness that is these.
Note: Box no longer full. Me: Full.


desiree said...

Dude, I just got the worst de javu. Sitting on my counch, linking over to 25 peeps, being assaulted by boobs, clicking on you. Is this the first time you joined? Or amd I living this over again? Or is a chemical process of in my brain? More importantly, cute picture!

desiree said...

deja vu, sorry, can't type/spell/think...

Colorsonmymind said...

Love the colorful sheets, and that you aren't baring cleavage on 25 peeps.....

Love to you

Dawn said...

Love the sheets. Love the fact that your husband lets you keep them. Mine would not.

Never been to 25 peeps--lots of boobs.

Chiada said...

Those chocolate look so frickin good!!!! I totally NEED a 3 pound box of Sees chocolate like right NOW. Seriously.

And the sheets?? Wow. Very.bright. I have pink sheets too that are that bright but I rarely use them because when the bed isn't made & the sheets are exposed, the light from the windows shines onto the sheets and the sheets reflect their color onto the walls in a hazy pink glow. It weirds me out.

Meepers said...

Des: I tried to join before, but it wouldn't let me for whatever reason.
Dawn: My husband was emphatically NOT with me when I bought them. He just rolled his eyes at me and said, "If you like them.....", but he's actually happy that I went and bought something.
Chiada: Now, the thing about these, vs. See's or Hershey's.. even I only eat one at a sitting - they are really, really rich. Even for me. By the way, I've linked your "how we met" story. I looove it!