Saturday, August 26, 2006


In which I have nothing of note to say, and thus will shamelessly steal a page from Karen and also Menosblog:

For/From Karen: Things I'd love in my dream house:

An enclosed outdoor shower in the yard, (which would be beautiful, of course) so that everyone could rinse the sand/dirt off their feet after being outside or at the beach.

Oh, IN the house, you say?
-His and hers bathrooms. Pedestal sink or one of those cool recycled/tempered-glass all-in-one sink/counter units. Of course, my dream house will come with a cleaner, so I don't have to fuss over every drop of water, right?
-Walk in closet. We have one in our rental unit where we lived when we were first married, I miss it SO much!
-12 foot ceilings with bull-nosed (rounded) corners and a high crown molding with recessed uplighting all around ...on dimmers, of course.
-Bamboo floors (a beautiful, low maintenence, renewable resource) laid on the diagonal.
-"Man room" for all of his ... crap. Since I know he'll always be a packrat, why not go with it, at least in one room?
-Master bedroom with enough space for more than just my bed, sans frame. See? modest requests, really.
-A guest bedroom/office for me, making a grand total of three bedrooms.
-Screened in porch, or better yet, a verandah. Like a loggia, one of the most romantic words, methinks.
-Kitchen with built-in breakfast nook, island and dishwasher. I dream of having a dishwasher, preferably two of those nifty drawer style ones that use way less water, operate independantly of each other, and are faced to match the rest of the kitchen.

Said kitchen should open up via a cool hatch/bar (or something) to living/dining room, thus allowing cook to talk to guests, since we know that the cook gets lonely. This would be able to close, so that we don't have to look at the dinner dishes mess while enjoying dessert.

Ok, now you put yours in comments, ok?

Part Deux.... When I Rule the World, Part the First:

1. There will be no unwanted pets or children. Persons who demonstrate inability to parent the children they have will be monitored via video 24 hours a day. Said video shall play out on their roof via a digital display.
2. Cellular phones and their owners, like a fool and his money, shall be soon parted if they are used in conjuction with a steering wheel.
3. Plane tickets to and from Colorado/Santa Barbara will be not more than $100.00, ever.
4. Bread, pasta, rice and tortillas and all cheeses, chocolates and nuts are now Health and Beauty Tonics.
5. Nothing will happen before nine am except sunrise and the night before.
6. There will be a readily available beauty salon that is open till midnight where one can get a pedicure, a manicure and a martini at the same time. Said salon shall be reasonably priced, but will not offer hair cuts or colors so as to avoid any follicular disastors.
7. Persons unable to comprehend the meaning of the words "budget" and "no" shall be unable to become married.
8. The next person to ask me when I'm gonna haave a baaayyyyybeeee! will find that thier tounge spontaneously combusts.
9. I will enjoy excercise other than volleyball and swimming and going to the gym.
10. The words 'Humour, colour' and other such words shall be given their proper, British spelling.
11. I'd be a much better writer.


Janet said...

Fabulous! I think you SHOULD rule the world. For sure.

Meepers said...

Unfortunately, no one agrees with you, Janet. Siiiigh.

janet said...

Can I please second EVERYTHING on these lists???