Thursday, August 31, 2006

For Karen, With Love...LOTS of love

Click to Enlarge all of these pictures:
In a (admittedly vodka-fueled) homage to Karen's request for Love Thursday; I give you,,,,,my family.
Exhibit A: My dad and I, at .... twelve...thousand .... PLUS feet. I'm white with the effort of trying to oxygenate my lungs.

Exhibit B: Rest of the fam, from left to right:
Uncle Steve, Aunt Deb, Bug-Eyed Sister (Pamby), Me, Pop, Mum, Roni (aka Crazy Cat Lady)
Picture by Mooshi-Mooshi.

Exhibit C: My sister (Crazy Cat Lady) and her boyfriend . And a tiny piano.


LindsayJustine said...

HAHA it looks *really* cold.

hey hey! i know the lady that is going to sit on the little piano, i went to school with her!!! she looks the same...good times.

p.s. - dont bother giving anyone in the office messages for me, unless its Tom, but even then...its most likely i will not receive it. you know how it goes...

: )

Meepers said...

It WAS really cold - I look like 200 lbs bc of all the sweaters/jacketage I have on in that pic. Re: messages: Duly noted...have just started with SP volume 4, v. v. funny. Miss E, yes, she does look the same. That's Hadyn, he's funny too.

Pony said...

LindsayJustine... you went to Carp with me??? CRAZY!! (actually not really, considering the size of our town...) HI! And Meepers, for the luvapete, its H-A-Y-D-E-N.