Wednesday, August 30, 2006

For Katie, Who Will be Missed

Hey all - I've got a special favor to ask of you:

If you could please stop by over at Eden's place and write her a little condolence card - they had to put their so-cute bulldog, Katie, down yesterday. Siiiiigh. Pets...they are so worth it, but they never, ever last long enough, do they? While you're there, if you browse through her archives, you'll find Mrs. Kennedy to be a great read - or go over to YogaBeans and just try not to wet yourself with laughter. By the way - there is a bit of a 'happy ending', which you'll just have to read to find out about.

You know the drill: Snuggle/hug/pet your furry/scaly ones and always:
-Spay/neuter all your pets.
-Shelter/rescue animals are the best.

Fynn, Edie and I thank you and hope to return to our regular programming as soon as I adjust a few people's cranio-rectal inversions and re-gain my sanity.


Fizzle said...

that's sweet of you meeps. thanks for understanding those of us who have furry loved ones...!

Meepers said...

They're our little buddies...well-loved, well-loved, they are.