Sunday, August 13, 2006

Now who's the crazy cat lady?

Because nothing says, "Let's Cheer up a bit, shall we?" than kitty snaps taken in a bathrobe, right?

Edie's new habit when she sits in my lap is to gently put a paw on my face so I turn down towards her, stare intensely into my eyes,and stand up in my lap so she can give me a 'kiss' by rubbing her little face against mine.

Teeth-grindingly cute, yes, but alas a bit hard to capture with the wonders of PhotoBooth.

Coming in for a "nub" here and here. She doesn't lick me or open her mouth, she just rubs the sides of her muzzle against my cheeks. I think of it like as a European kiss.
Aaaand... a self-portrait, by Edie-Sweedie.

Fynn was having absolutely none of this photographic nonsense, and told me so, repeatedly.

Fynn, horrified at Mothers' embarassing tendency to kiss him in full view of the other cats in the neighborhood.
SquiiiisSSHHHHY - face! (Fynn: Haaaaate. Shame.)


RennyBA said...

Came to yours from Peeps25 and say hello from Norway. What a cute cat and thouse pics was charming - thanks for sharing:-)

db said...

Hey! I'm also here via 25peeps...
Just thought I'd comment as I love comments on my own blog. The cat photo's are really cute - I loooove cats too :)
Greetings from a chilly South Africa! :P

Meepers said...

Renny - I'm Norweigan! My last name was Halverson before I got married - I'm hoping to go there with my husband someday. The cats are our little buddies, we have fun playing with them and watching them zooom! around the house.

DB- SA is also high on my list of places to go - I have several friends from there, and another one who went there and actually got bit by a lion! (She's ok)

Spud said...

Hey i saw you on 25peeps and thought i would check your blog out. I like your layout and i am also very sorry about your friend. Please come check my blog out. See you soon

the sightspeed guy said...

awwww...kitty cuteness.