Monday, August 14, 2006

Oh My Darlin'..

Have you ever been somewhere that put you in a nostalgic mood? This week has been full of those moments - last Friday we ate at the The Palms with some Christie and her family - the guys loooved cooking their own meat, let me tell you. Last night, we ate dinner at Clementine's, - and let me tell you, from the piped-in Andrew Lloyd Weber muzac to the relish plate to the home...made...chocolate chip walnut pie, all served on red and white china, it was a blast from the past. I hadn't been there since I was about ten, so it was a little trip down memory lane for me. They have a full-service menu where you just pick your entree and it comes with all of the following:

-Our own mini-loaf of home-made bread (hot from the oven!)
-Soup (a delicious lentil-rich stew in this case)
-Salad (fresh and green, home-made dressing)
-Baked potato
-Zucchini and cheese
-Piiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeee. Pie. Home. made. freakin' pie. Irene, the owner, comes in every morning and rolls out the fresh, flakey crusts - she's at least 70 years old, and was still at the cash register when we left after nine. They were out of chocolate cream, but did manage to have apple, cherry, blackberry, blueberry, coconut cream, bananna cream, chocolate walnut, and...get this...mincemeat. Note: According to my studies, mincemeat has apples, oranges, and raisins with lots of alcohol and spices...doesn't sound bad to me at-tall, but I think they might want to change the name. Whoever 'they' are.

This concludes my Trip Down Memory Lane. Part Two (and completely unrelated) is below.

Ok this is going to a be just a wee, tad bit awkward (much like me trying to manuver my final bite of chocolate-chip walnut pie and ice cream into my mouth), so please bear with me, ok? I'm in a bit of an awkward situation at the moment. You see, I seem to have a bit of a ... this is weird... stalker. Not an online stalker, but no, the good old-fashioned real, flesh n' blood, person of my aquaintence who is making my life uncomfortable at times. My choices are thusly: Call them, have an (awkward/mean/potentially full of denial) conversation. This could make for some bad, bad times. Or, I could make someone else have that conversation, which could be even more awkward, and make me look like a first-class....ass. Or...I could do nothing, which is what I'd like to do, as long as I can sucessfully avoid running into them for a while.

What to do?


Dawn said...

First, as an ex-santa barbarian I love your walks down memory lane, it makes me miss all things SB.

Second, a stalker? Wow, what a situation. I don't know what to tell you to do. I would be careful and try to avoid the person as much as possible--which is hard to do in small SB.

the sightspeed guy said...

stalker? weiiiirrrrrd. i'd talk to them while keeping my tazer in my purse. if i had a purse.


LindsayJustine said...

do i know them? i can make sure they won't "bother" you ever, ever again. muhahahaha!

chiefbiscuit said...

That meal sounds rather heavenly. Hope the weirdo goes away. Must be a little unsettling ...