Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Yes, its 3:30 am and I'm up and blogging...why?

Because a huge frackin' pine tree limb (we're talkin' waaaaay bigger than a Christmas tree, unless its the one at the Rockerfeller Center) just fell on my driveway, and is resting on a power line. Also our poor tenants' car. There was a sickening craaaaaashhhhhhh!ing crack and than silence. I jumped up, put on contacts, went outside and stood around saying, "Oh, dagnabbit, that really is a pity...", and things like that.

I've gotta go, the FIRE DEPARMENT IS HERE, likely with large, loud power tools. Yes, there are pictures, yes, I will post them in the fullness of time. Yes, I have bedhead and morning breath and have been interacting with people. Save the humans. Gaaaah! By the way: At this point, we cannot exit our own driveway. We could be verrrry unpopular folk in this neighborhood if that tree kills all the power/cable. More later.


LindsayJustine said...

HAHAHAHA yea i got your text message at like 4am...i was actually awake for some freak reason...isnt it just LOVELY how the city and fire department are totally helpful in a crisis? hope everythin' is good to go :-/

your poor tennant! haha, COMP claim!

desiree said...

You also have gigantic pine trees there? What kind of freak neighborhood is this?

too bad it wasn't the tree you wanted to come down that broke in half.

Meepers said...

OH darlin' we've got gigantic pine, oak, palm, you name it. My street is named after a tree. SB is very much planted to be pretty, not practical. This tree is in the ladies' FRONT bloody yard. Quite normal for here, actually.

Actually if the tree I hated came down, it would have hit our roof/our bedroom window. So I'm kinda glad that it didn't.

the sightspeed guy said...

but if it did fall, you guys would have to move up here, and then we'd get our wine on, since beer sticks to your bones a little more as age sets in, and we'd have parties down in our basement like last friday :)


Meepers said...

Oh, we get our wine on down here - you forget, we're in Sideways country! You had a party last Friday? Where was I? Oh yeeaah...getting 1.5 liters of electrolytes via I.V. .... duh!

I'm about ready to become an apartment dweller- as long as they take cats.