Saturday, September 02, 2006

Dream a little dream

The other night, I dreamnt (dreamed? had a dream? Grammar police: please help) that I was a backseat passenger in a tiny European car (somewhat like the original Mini) with an old friend of mine, Dani. She and her mom were sitting in the front and I was crushed sideways across the back 'seat', holding on for dear life as we zipped around a labryinth of tiny streets. At one point we navigated a turn that took a wrong way, where we had to back up almost off a ledge, and ended up getting out in the middle of some sort of orphans' school where children of all ages were running wild. The scenery and architecture were a mix of pictures and film I've seen of Santorini, Greece, the scenery from Nacho Libre and the controversial new film by Deepa Mehta about Indian widow communites, Water. (Rent it/put it on your NetFlix queue now, please)

Clearly, one should not drink martinis without the proper precautionary measures. Out of nowhere in my dream, I began laughing hysterically....why? Because I had an Idea for a new addition to McSweeneys Lists: Lesser-Known Classical Greek Figures:

  • Helen of Sparta - the face that launched a thousand pans of baklava
  • Comet - Ajax's lesser-known friend.
  • Jeff the Argonaut. Jason's first mate.
There were a bunch more on that list, at any rate, to make me wake up laughing at myself - my second-favorite way to wake up. The first, of course, would be to awake and find myself in on an all-expenses-paid vacation to Costa Rica. Which suggests that my ancient Greek name should be Morphea, Queen of delusional dreams.


LindsayJustine said...

i think its dreampt

Neil said...

OK, this is stupid, but --

the Minotaur's cousin, Mini-taur --part bull, part little person