Wednesday, September 06, 2006


May I apologize in advance.... this is just GOING to sound a wee bit...disjointed. Call it oscillating wildly or whatever you will...but I am just not a person who attracts drama*. Had I been that type of a person, I would have been Dooced in...2000 or whatever - I would nevvvv-er, evvv-ver have been....say, tapped for a major news interview. There would have been a quick, simple termination, and absolute non-entity would have been born. Instead, in 2000 I was off getting married and having my metabolism rebel against me like so many Vietnam veterans.... and I was...busy.

The Depth and Breadth To Which I Shed Drama: An example: Once upon a time (Please Note: This was some years before I even met my 'Mooshi-Mooshi', who frankly is the Best Friend I've Ever Had) I was able to completely pull off doing/attending the wedding reception of a someone for whom I would once have...well.... (Note: sadly, no exaggeration) voluntarily peeled off my own skin for. That fact, in and of itself, makes me rather proud of myself for my excellent self-control and Good Common Sense. Especially since I was single at the time.

However, today: Here are some of the phrases that have escaped my lips:

-What the ffffffrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeak is up with THAT?
-Why so much drama with these ladies?
-What did i DOOOOOOO?
-I'm going to requre....yet another glass of champagne in order to go to sleep before two in the a. m..
-I Heart Dane Cooks Tourgasm


the sightspeed guy said...

you really need to stop posting late night. you totally lost me on this one. but maybe that was the point. oscillate wildly, however, is my absolute favorite smiths song. rad choice.


desiree said...

I read and re-read this post and I do not understand a word of it. I am so lost. What is going on here?

desiree said...

Also, I thought you should know, I just ordered some books from Amazon for my umcoming business trip and I noticed that they have compiled a list of recommended reading for me based on all of my previous purchases. There were 5 Steinbeck titles in there. Good lord. Irony, yes?

Chiada said...

I'm guessing that your current wedding project is going eerily awry or at least is stress-filled and the cause of your drama-rama life at the moment. Am I a wee bit close? So who chewed you out this time? Don't tell me it was Kevin Bacon's mother-in-law. :P

Meepers said...

SSG: Must post late at night...that's when I have time. Thanks for getting my Smiths Reference...'twas deliberate. The stress, she is indeed getting under my skin, to answer your questions.

Des: Stress is not your (or my) friend. Steinbeck is your friend. Trust.

Chiada: not going awry, but sucking my very SOUL out of my body. Not in the habit of getting chewed out, but am in fact VERY TIRED of this one. Stupid people suck.