Thursday, September 21, 2006

Friends don't let friends blog without makeup

"Good Morning, EV-RA-BAAAAHHHHDY!"
My old boss used to say that (at top volume) when he entered the office. Since he usually 'came in' at ten or eleven, it was the harbinger of a good rest of the day at work. Sometimes, I miss having office-mates, (of the human persuasion) and familiar, office-y noises and rituals. Like today, when I thought...."Weeeellll shoooot, for all the good this did, I may as well be in an office right now."

Well, I'm off to go slouch at my 'desk'...what was once our dining room table is now mine, all mine, I tell you... and that's the way I like it. Happy Friday to everyone!

PS. Please, please don't tell me what happened on the season premier of Grey's Anatomy. Do not mock the depth and breadth of my love for this show, or I will cut you. Yes, I realize it is completely and utterly laughable (medically speaking), and overly dramatic...and if people really have that much sex in hospitals, no wonder doctors have such high liability insurance. It's my McSeason premier, I will be absurdly excited if I want to.


Chiada said...

Sounds like you're in a good mood! If I lived down there, we'd be having a Happy Friday cocktail meeting around 5:15-ish and livin' it up ala SB style. Miss ya!

Meepers said...

Baby, by five pm, I hope to be napping. Unlikely, but I HOPE to be. For you two, though, I'd charge right over to ...wherever and knock a few back. Love!

LindsayJustine said...

haha, he did come in this morning (at 11) and shouted "GOOD MORNIN EVERYBODAHHHHHH!" i miss you around the office, too : )

Chiada said...

Re: Your video. Oh, puhleeze. For one, the lighting in that room is not bright, so it's difficult to see the details of your lovely face. And for another, you'd be beautimous wearing a potato sack, eye bags and all. So, no fretting! But, it was a funny video. So, I guess it's good material at any rate.

Other morning phrases such as "up and at 'em": "Rise and shine!" "Oh what a beautiful moooooorning, oh what a beautiful day... I got a wonderful feeeeeeeling, everything's goin' my wayyyyyyy"; "Sleeping beauty, sleeping beauty, time to wake up" as softly cooed by my mother to my irritation; and "Up, up, gotta get up in the morrrrrning!" Dont' know where that came from. I think I might have made it up.

HollowSquirrel said...

Have you watched it yet? Have you? Huh Huh? I just did this evening. Sigh. McOhMyJEEEEZUS.

Meepers said...

HS:I have watched it.... What is the DEAL with the video? I hope that the Chief doesn't have to quit, I love his character. Plus, now that Preston has his injury...could he be up for the job? Plus...he's another link to Merediths' mom, kinda 'keeps you in the loop" on details about the family.

I actually said out loud to the TV, "DON'T BE SUCH AN IDIOT, MEREDITH....Finn's right, he's a good guy." Such are the depths to which I have sunk.

Chiada: That is a list of Most Annoying Phrases to hear in the am, right? I think half the reason I was always in such a bad mood in the mornings as a kid were those things blaring into my ears. In a cheerful voice. Ugh. We here have always abided by the 'don't talk to each other, just snuggle" morning policy. It's actually made me more cheerful.

green3 said...

Just happened upon your blog today. Funny stuff! I'll definately be back!