Friday, September 08, 2006

Hair Today....For My 200th Post, an Update.


I seem to have a baby duck on my forehead. Hmmmm.... let me sit here and contemplate how THAT might have happened.
Hmmmm.... it's a bit hard to remember, but I seem to recall having an extensive haircoloring session in my DRIVEWAY two nights ago.

As in, I put up our new DJ toy (a crazy light-ball with four speeds...just the thing to get the party started. Also a sound system, a bar, multiple lights chairs and tables. Everything was going along smoothly what with the application of the nice rich red, the subtle use of blonde, and there was in fact, no mention of cutting my hair at all - just a thought, really, that flitted through my head.

So LAST night, we thought, 'hey, that was fun, lets' do it again, but with scissors. I love this haircut, by the way - there was about a three-pound ball of what appeared to be roadkill or a muskrat carcass lying on Christies' kitchen floor. My head feels so light it could just floooaaat away.

But we had to go and get creative....and I apparently neglected to mention that my hair has RED UNDERTONES. Because...can you see how orange this is? No? Yes? Good. We've named it "baby duck". Yes, a section of my hair now HAS A NAME.

I'll be back in a little while, I'm getting this taken care of. Peace out, and remember kids, DRINK, DYE AND LOOK LIKE THIS.


Hey, hold on there just a second. I'm not dumb, I know when my hair needs toning down. So here's my redemption:

No, I did not dye my skin pink and violet to offset my orange hair, silly!

I just wanted it to look, how shall I put this? A bit less...intensely shocking to my poor husband, who has been bemoaning the loss of his 'Long-Hair Girl' all morning.

On the other hand, there have been several favorable references to Alias....

And more than a few 'good reviews' from other people...after a bit of contemplation, I think this new look, a bargain for cut, color(s) and trim and touch-ups, plus a cute new faux-hawk for Scotty, was a good idea. Let's just hope I can keep it up.

PS. I'm officially now wishing you, all my readers a Happy 200th Post Day. Go have yourself a cupcake, really, I insist. Thanks for coming by, your great comments and friendship....Now what shall I do?

Shout out to SightSpeed: I would have done this as a video entry, but the darn thing won't let me!


Chiada said...

HOLY SMOKES!!!!!!! IS YOUR HAIR ACTUALLY SHOULDER LENGTH??? AND WITH A BLONDE STREAK?????? WHOA. I mean...WOW. How's that for DIFFERENT? You finally got tired of people not noticing your cut and color, so you went radical on us? Yeah, that'll do the trick.

But, all in all, at the end of the dye, I mean DAY!, it is actually really super cute. The color is awesome and VERY different and eye catching and trendy and ofthemoment. And the cut makes everything on your face pop out in a good way: your eyes are huge and beautiful, your lips are full and lucious, your facial bone structure is no-fair. So, hey, it's all good, right? Hopefully you won't have to endure endless sighs and mutterings from the "other half". You gotta come up soon so I can see it in person!

<3 ya!

Meepers said...

Wait...there's more. Actually, there are blond and red streaks all over the whole head, plus a bonus bright blond bit in the back (you can see it sticking out from underneath in the bottom picture). I'm just back from fixing the front, check the updated version of this entry out.

the sightspeed guy said...

NICE! I always say it's unfair that girls get to do what they want with their hair and clothes, while men must remain staid and pedestrian.

WHAT? Video problems? The SightSpeed Guy is here! Actually, will be here, on Monday. Enjoy your weekend.

Meepers said...
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Meepers said...

Why, thankyouverymuch! May call support on Monday.

desiree said...

I think everyone has to expiriment with their hair once in their lives. Mine resulted in cotton candy pink hair in both color and texture, but yours is very cute. Plus, hair grows back. it is not as though it is now pixie lenght and you are spiking it. I like the end results, they are stylish and understated yet at the same time young and jazzy. Way to go Maya!