Thursday, September 28, 2006

The New Addition - (UPDATED for Love Thursday)

(Swooooning).....Is that love, or what?

(Still swoooooning).......He'd been gone allll day long. We missed him.

Oh, ahem, excuuuUUUSe me...Hi, how are you? It's.....late. No, I have not been re-visiting my Saturday night martinis. We just got a new "work" (read: Scott DJing/me screwing around on PhotoBooth because we don't have a small proper camera at the moment.) computer. He's a real handsome little fellow - MacBook in matte black. I shall call him Jet.

The other good news is that Jet has the built-in camera, which means that I *may* (as soon as I can sneakily install SightSpeed) video-blog from around my house, as opposed to just in the Office. Hooray! Now I can video-blog couch! the Very Orange and Pink Room! Or .... the other couch! The possibilites are...endless?

So we thought now would be a great time for a family picture. It being after midnight and us looking so hott and all. Hi Mom!
Hi Dad! Hi Roni!

And a last shout-out to SightSpeed Guy and Desiree: Watch your mail. I'll say no more.

Up-Date for Love Thursday: This is the last thing I said before we both went to sleep last night (this morning...whateva);
"We missed you all day long. We missed your noises, the random songs on guitar coming out of your office, you asking me how to spell words. We missed your frantic daily vacuuming of the cat hair and we missed you saying you were hungry and reminding me to eat. The cats missed you snuggling them and I missed you hugging me....and you were only gone for like eight hours. Now is our favorite time of day."

(Scott, sleepy) "Its my favorite time of day, too. I missed all of you."

If that's not, love, I don't know what is. Happy Love Thursday, everyone.


LindsayJustine said...

OoOoO you guys are KISSING! cooties!!!

Meepers said...

I like cooties. Mmmmmmm cooooooties.

Chiada said...

Awwwwwww, that's so sweet. 6 years later and you guys are still on your 'honeymoon'. :)

So much love! I miss you guys too!

janet said...

It's a good thing you realllly love him, or I might worry that within days you will love Jet more!

Meepers said...

Chiada: We prefer to think of as an extended liason, but with laundry and bills and occasional yelling. Much hotter that way. That and "Separate Checking" are my tips on How to Keep the Spice in Your marriage. Ha ha.

Janet: (see above, first). Jet is a sexy little guy, but he's got no personality, no soul. Plus, his keys clack to loudly for my taste. Also: My first love will always be for my titanium Apple laptop that still rocks the house. The thing is a work-horse! Oddly enough, I never named it.

Tim Halberg said...

I love that you have some pictures on here!!! :-) I'm massively jealous of the new computer!!!