Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Congratulations on Winning the Slacker-Bowl, what are you going to do NOW?

We're Going to DISNEYLAND! Huston, we have a problem. NaBloPoMo starts tomorrow. I will be leaving on Thursday and Friday. Chances are fair to middlin' that I will not be posting, because we will be busy cavorting around the park like a couple of ten year old kids. Ten year old kids who will be fulfilling their life-long shared dream of eating at the Blue Bayou on Friday, and will likely throw fits of pique over the choice of drinks there. (Note: O'Douls' or a virgin mint julep. Gah!) So I'm enlisting Chiada to come over here and hit "Publish" for me on a couple of things.

Huston, we have a solution. I think.


Chiada said...

No problemo. And you are really funny. I think you take blogging a little too seriously - especially NaBloPoMo. :P

Meepers said...

No, I'm just way to competitive. And I want an embroidered T-shirt. Or a mug. Thanks a million, babe!