Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Haiku (Haiki?)

Pre-season b-ball,
I cannot wait for the end
to regain my man.

P.M.S.: Not real
till the last six months or so
now an evil elf

Cat fur flies like snow,
Sleek bodies careen around
furry yin and yang.

P.S. Still Searching for Good Purse. Contest still open! $200 and under!

1 comment:

Chiada said...

How about this?

Or this|1||P_SignDesc1&Sp=C&ec=&topnav=&bp=&eCat=BC%7C108%7C2502%7C56604&img=2

Or this?|1||P_SignDesc1&Sp=C&ec=&topnav=