Saturday, October 28, 2006


Oftentimes, work is still WORK for me. Not so this time - Check this out - and
a special note to Janet: May your Mexico wedding be at least!
By the way: I realize I didn't post yesterday- and I have
only one thing to say about
that: I'm really, really glad I don't work at an office anymore.

Thank goodness. We're scheming to head up to Monterey, down to Disneyland,
and than to TJ for
some more dental fun, so I feel a distinct slacker-vibe coming on.
Just in time for NaBloPoMo.

The irony.


Janet said...

oh my goodness what a gorgeous wedding! the flowers, the glowing bride, the giggling kids. that is one thing we will be missing at our wedding - no kids are coming! but seriously, you really have a talent at this wedding thing; either that or you just find the best photogs out there to make everything look perfect :)

Meepers said...

Would it be really bad if I said, "a little of both, plus some good luck?"

How cute is their son?