Saturday, October 28, 2006

If it wouldn't all come back and bite me in the @$$...

Things I'd Write About for NaBloPoMo if I didn't know better:

  • The simply annoying wedding fantasies I have for my sisters - and my well-founded concerns that they will not come true. That would actually make for two posts, and your eyes would likely fall out of their sockets with the boring.
  • My shame in realizing that an 'old' friend has become a former friend, not due to any lack of effort on my part, but because our lives are so different that a chasm of silence the size of Waimea Valley now stands between us, thinly bridged only by a string of shared memories.
  • Absurd ins and outs of a recent conversation I had; how utterly frustrated, helpless, etc it made me feel. (Pertains, in part, to this bit of bat-**** insanity:
  • How conflicted I feel about being a cog in the giant machine that is the "Wedding Industry" - a multi-million (billion?) dollar industry that wraps thousands of absurd 'extras' in pretty packaging and sells them as "Must-Haves" to hapless individuals who simply do not know any better.
  • How scared I am of Jim Carey's plastic-y face, chicklet teeth and enormous chin.
  • The nagging worry at the back of my head about...actually, I totally canNOT write about that, in case it ACTUALLY COMES/IS TRUE. Paranoia IS my middle name. Suffice it to say I'm a tad bit freaked out about their intense interest in my tenants' apartment.
  • Various Family Matters of a completely un-bloggable nature. Well...duuuuh.

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Chiada said...

Ya, I've got one of those kinds of friends too. It sucks. Then again, I don't really worry about it. But once in awhile I reminisce about all those fun summers and teenage years and wonder whatever happened to us. We grew up.