Monday, November 06, 2006

Better than PayLess

Since this month is also National Shoe Month or some such nonsense, I feel it is my solemn duty as a card-carrying shoe.....lover to show you these little beauties.

I got them at one of my favorite local consignment stores, Fashionique. They were so new that they still had the store sticker on them. A year-round 'basic' for me, they have a low (only 2 1/2 inches! Shockingly short!) heel, easy to clean sole and straps, and the cute 'sparkly' detail. I wear them with jeans or skirts, to weddings or to tool around town, and they are always comfy.

Price: $10.00 - Probably discarded by previous owner due to between-toe sensitivity. I think my big and second toes have been calloused since I could walk - Growing up I owned a pair of tennis shoes, one or two pairs of dress shoes, and thongs that cost $0.69 at TGNY. Awesome.

I love shoes....even cheap ones are fine with me, as long as they fit well and don't look to cheap with the right thing.


Janet said...

you're right -- there is nothing better than buying a pair of shoes for a fabulous price, and then having them turn into your favorite shoes!

Maya said...

Absolutely. We're en route to Mexico at the moment, and I've packed a record low of shoes: Those, and some chunky thongs that will be comfy for everything.

Bryndar the Banarian said...
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Bryndar the Banarian said...

TGNY!!!Gosh, I loved that place, they had everything, even 0.69 cent shoes. I heard they're going to put a Trader Joe's in that building. Yay. Those sparkly shoes are super cute by the way.

Maya said...

BRYN? BRYN? Bryn the daughter of Doug? OMG!!!! HI!!!! You're the first 'random' commenter I've had that I knew/know in real life. Sweeet! How's Annie? Mimi? How is your dad? How's....everyone else? Drove past La Conchita tonight (last night, technically) and thought of all of you and the rest of the La Conchitans as always. Holla back!

Bryndar the Banarian said...

OMG!!!So GREAT! Everyone is doing fabulous. Mimi just got married and returned from her honeymoon in Costa Rica last night. My dad is doing really good. Annie and Brie are awesome, Brie just got married.
You know what's so funny? I found you through your blog about Paul Walker( I'm in love), I've seen him a few times around town. Is he still stalking your husband? :) So how are you? Your kitties are adorable:)