Friday, November 17, 2006

Definitely worth six bucks. (Bond)

Good...early evening. I'm here for a quick review of the new James Bond. First of all, Daniel Craig as Bond: Better than I thought he'd be, with a different twist on a fairer/lighter Bond - even though Roger Moore had lighter brown hair, it isn't the same as seeing the obviously flaxen Craig onscreen. I can only imagine the endless conversations casting had about Craig while they considered the pros and cons of dying his hair. The opening sequences, were, I felt, a bit weak - not enough action before it went to the graphics and I was sad when they didn't use the classic Bond theme song.

As for the movie portion of the movie? Without giving anything away, all I can say are these few things:

  • It runs long, but the time flies when you're looking at such gorgeous scenery. (Double entendre completely intended)
  • Daniel Craig must have spent an unbelieveable amount of time at the gym. Bravo to him for fitting so very neatly into his teeny, tiny man-kini.
  • Even if you're like me and don't play cards, the casino scenes are still fairly electrifying.
  • I love that Eva Green has what appear to be real boobs and, more importantly, real acting skills. Doesn't hurt that she's completely gorgeous without being too perfect - I loved seeing little frizzies in her hair.
  • Getting some little backstory details, even this late into the series, was very gratifying - I know my dad will love some of the car bits.
  • Speaking of bits, my least favorite part, involves a naked Bond and his, erm, bits. (Shuddering hard)
In short, go see it.


Lindsay said...

champagne style syrah? i need to know what that is all about, champagne is my favorite, as well as syrah.

south park?

Anonymous said...

seriously? real bits? On screen? THAT doesn't happen very often, and when it does, it's usually more disturbing than good. In my opinion.

Have a great rest o' the weekend!

Maya said...

Linds: Fallen sadly off/behind on the S.P. train. You must get thee to Vino D'Vino asap and ask Sean for the champagne-style syrah. Note: you canNOT drink it like bubbly, even with the fizz.

HS: Not EXPOSED real bits = ughh! Scary and icky. Just scantily clad bits = a Good Thing. RrrrRoowrrr!