Saturday, November 18, 2006

Reasons I'd be an Unfit Parent, part 231

Conversations with the lil' ones (ON A WALK FROM MIDDLE STATE STREET TO THE WHARF)

Maya: "Let's ruuuuuuun!" (grabbing hands of Chad and Bella, doing one of the Ministry of Silly Walks in fast motion)
Bella: "Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" (runs down the block, head flying, screaming)
Maya: "Ooooohhhh! Look! the train tracks! Let's get some pennies from your papa, and we'll put them down and see what happens!" - Here, an excellent example of What Not to Do: Encourage Small Children To Experiment With Trains.

Chad: "Let's see what happens if I throw the airplane at the glass wall!!" (partition between us and the ocean, out on the pier)
Maya: "YEAH! You should totally try that! What will happen?....duh-duh-dunNNnnn!" (theatrical voice)
Bella: "I wanna....c-c-c-cover up with napkins." (lip starting to pucker as if to cry)
Maya: "Ok, little child of we go! (tucking cloth napkins in, on and around her little body, making her laugh hysterically, feeding her grilled cheese sandwiches.)
Bella: "Let's get some MORE nakkins!"
Chad: "I'm gonna throw you're ball over the wall, Bella!"
Maya: "WaaaAAAAiiiT! Let's play a GAME! I'll pass this ball to you without using my hands, and you pass it on to the next person, ok?
Bella/Chad: "YEEAAAAAH!"
Maya: "Ok. Let's go now!" (rising from table, clutching small inflatible ball betwixt neck and chin)
Bella: "I caaaAAAAnnn't!"
Maya: "YES. YOU. CAN. Suck it up, soldier!" (passing ball to four year old with cunning use of chin)
Bella: "Oook....I cad't do it, Bmaya, idt's to hard...."
Maya: "Yes, you can, see..." (ball travels from person to person around a small table) "Ok Chad, now you pass it to me! Good job! Wooo!"


Bella: "Let's check for pennies on the TRAIN TRAAAACKS!"
Maya: "Ok."

Resting case now

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