Monday, November 20, 2006

Fiesta del Norte

How do I love my job? Let me count the ways.....Well, let's not be here all night - but let me say this: No matter how many weddings I'm currently planning/thinking about/recovering from, I still get excited about having, helping with, or attending a party.

This week, I'm particularly excited to be visiting the Sight Speed guy and his luverly wife up north (finally!) - I may be posting from the Bay area, so stay tuned. I'm told there may be a little party, which, naturally puts me in a froth over what to pack and wear. I always forget that Northern California has noticeable changes in season - as in: Actual fall and Winter - a t-shirt will definitely not fit the bill. Plus...think of all the witty, erudite hipsters up there who will surely, most definitely, absolutely a) know eight million bands that I've never heard of b) internally roll their eyes when they hear I'm in such a (pick a word: wasteful, excessive, frivolous) industry c) think 'aaaiiirhead' when they hear I'm a Southern California girl.

Undoubtedly, I will end up perched in the corner, sipping (gulping) wine, nodding and smiling at someone talking about something I am completely unaware of. My teeth will be lightly stained with Shiraz, there will be something on my shirt, and Scott will be deeply ensconsced with tales of the Good Old Days or the bands I know nothing about with someone he's known for twenty years. I will try to avoid talking too much (or not enough) and periodically, we'll glance at each other across the room; he will wink or smile at me. At some point in the evening, musical instruments may make an appearance, in which case I will happily assume the role of adoring (non-singing) fan. I can't wait. Nor-Cal, here we come!


Chiada said...

Oh puhleeeze! You, sitting in a corner? Something on your shirt? Avoiding talking? Pfffffffffffft!!! Yeah, right! You, dearie, are ALWAYS the life of the party; in the middle of everything; all the wives are secretly hating you; and all the husbands are secretly checking you out. Hey, I tell no lies. (Except I don't secretly hate you.) (But my husband does check you out.) (And not secretly). (As we already know.) Maya is the girl they all wish their own wife would be like. And I mean, really. Who could blame them? With her loads of self-confidence to her exotic beauty to her witty humor, Maya is purrrrrrrfect.

(And no, I'm not trying to butter you up for something I want.)

<3 <3 <3 <3 xxoxoooxoxo

the sightspeed guy said...

it'll be hot in our basement, i assure you :)

Maya said...

Chiada- That's only when a) I know everyone and who I can tell naughty jokes to/not b) I'm 'doing' the party. As for the husbands....I think if they knew what a tip my house is right now....they'd be buying their wives diamonds. Or landscaping. Or whatever.

You're my silly! xoxoxox

SSG: CANNOT WAIT! How's the weather? Soooo Excited!

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Just dance!