Sunday, November 19, 2006

Open Letters, take two

Dear Weather,

First of all: I'm not complaining about your current state. I simply adore the eighty degree days and T-shirt weather nights we've been having - it does make for wonderful mid-week beach days and my evening walks have been a delight.

However, as "winter" will be officially starting in about a month, it would somewhat behoove you to start to 'simma dawwn now!" There are cute sweaters, scarves and boots that could be worn, and I'm finding it difficult to wear pants without being hot. Please note that warm weather is welcome back as of the end of December. One month of 'winter' will do nicely, thanks.

Dear Throat,

Either get really sore and get it over with, or feel better immediately. Choice b preferred.

That is all.

Dear Email,

I do not need to EnLarGe mY MaNhoOd, refinance my house, go on a cruise or anything else. I'd just like my email. Thank you!

Dear Mooshi-Mooshi,

I know you read here. Why do you toss out random comments to me while I'm in the midst of other activities? I really like your hair right now. I'm glad you like your little presents from yesterday. Can we go to Berkeley next weekend?

Love, Me



the sightspeed guy said...

lemme know soon if y'all are gonna come up!

Maya said...

As soon as I can get the Mr. to commit! Calling soon! What's the haps up there?