Sunday, November 26, 2006

Now and Then

A year ago.....

-I'd been reading blogs, and occasionally commenting for about a year.
-I had some absurd vision of somehow writing....get this...for actual cash dollars. Someday.
-It was pouring rain.
-Wedding season was well over, and had slowed down to a bit of a frightening crawl for me.
-My neice was a six month old roly-poly baby. (She's currently cruising around 'her' house, laughing, 'talking' and playing clapping games with us.
-I thought I'd be much, much better at writing if I did it on a regular basis. (I was wrong)
-My bathroom was in a state of dissaray (now worse).
-My yard was torn up (ahem. Still)
-I had two cats, one of which has since passed.
-My husband irritated me (and I him, I'm sure) much more than he does now. We spend much more time together these days....the opposite of what most couples say.
-Three people that we knew were alive have died.
-I was seriously considering inflicting some kind of bodily harm on the next person who asked me The Question. (Hasn't really changed)
-I had no idea how time consuming blogging could be.
-I had now idea how rewarding and heart-warming (even though I haaate that phrase with the fire of a thousand burning suns) it could be.

Thanks for a great year, everyone!

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the sightspeed guy said...

we miss you guys already!