Saturday, November 25, 2006

A note before partying

Ok, so, somehow my post for yesterday got mis-dated...but it WAS yesterday. Cough. I promise! I'm up here in Berkeley, in the SightSpeed Guy's kitchen, and we're about to go to a this is a quick one. More tomorrow - maybe a video, you know, just because I'm here. Any rate, I present to you..........Denmark.

Walking street, downtown Copenhagen.

Hans' Christian Andersons' home.

Tivoli Gardens, downtown Copenhagen. This entire building lights up at night, and was partially the inspiration for Disneyland.

Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen from the water.


Chiada said...

Reeeeally sorry 'bout that. I don't know what happened. Either I had a brain freeze or a lapse in my thinking abilities or... you name it. But I didn't change the date. I just hit "publish" on that "December To Remember" post. Weird how it showed up on Thursday. Sorry!! :(

Maya said...

No worries. I fixed it. Cheers!