Saturday, November 04, 2006


Disneyland = Better with just two people. Better without the crowds, the lines, the heat, the long drive.

Construction outside my house: Still going. Will take pictures soon.

Hair: Serious re-growth (read: roooooots!) action, color still good. I'm taking a poll, should I do two-tone deep red(s) or red and walnut-y dark next time?

Cats: Really happy to see us.

Dinner at Blue Bayou: Good, but you're definitely paying for ambiance.

Weather: Wonderful early winter Santa Ana winds (warm wind, dry heat) blowing in. Highly unusual for this time of year.

Blog Ideas: Few. Here's another poll- What would you like to see more of: Videos? Hand-crafted nonsense? Stories? Bad poetry? I'm planning to do a little 'interview" with Bella and/or Chad as soon as I can, but we'll see about that.

Super 8 nearby Disneyland: Clean enough rooms, but the "hot" tub was STONE. FLIPPING. COLD. Not cool.

Would love your answers in comments...byeee!

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the sightspeed guy said...

more videos! yay!