Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Somebody call the Supah!

Well, Peter asked me to post a new video report already, no one wants to hear about your cats A-GAIN ...and let me tell you, folks - You do NOT mess with the SightSpeed guy if you know what's good for you. Look what happened to Beyonce and sumo wrestlers everywhere.

Please Note: The last word that got cut off in this report is "resonsibility"...as in, "It was also my responsibility to re-record that video, but the natives were getting restless." Shout-out to guys at the hardwear store: You suck monkey ....fingers for selling me the crappy tools. Just because I have boobies doesn't mean I don't know what I need to get the job done. May your street be torn asunder, blocked off, coated in dirt and covered in large construction vehicles and materials.

Shout-out to my dad: Thanks for teaching me to be comfortable around hand tools. Now if only we could have got to power tools....I'd probably be up in my attic, creating a venting skylight.


the sightspeed guy said...

haha, did scott come in or something? at the end you kept looking over...I know that feeling, and I HATE that feeling.

Maya said...

No, but he was vacuuming and kept knocking against the door. I hate that feeling too....lingering resentment.

Chiada said...

For some reason your title reminds me of Dr. Evil saying "somebody get the stick!!" when he sees Mini-Me way up on the laser.

Maya said...

No, see, its in more of a Noo Yawk accent - "Get the Supah, Gladys..I think we got mold growing the da battroom", etc.