Saturday, December 02, 2006

Foiled again!

Ways in Which to Wake Up, Part the Second:

-Cat horking into your hand.
-To find the rash has spread to your face.
-Cat horking on your bedspread.
-Anything with cat hork, really.
-Sans memory.
-With the uncomfortable realization that you will never be a (your dream profession)

Guess which one(s) happened to me today.

Dear Blogger Beta,

Yesterday I noticed that all the cute little icons and tools that I've become accustomed to using whilst writing my entries are...gone. Where, pray tell, did you hide them? Do I have to sign up for some sort of diabolical PAID service to get them back? (If so, see: TypePad) Are they living in a van, down by the river? Or perhaps, are you holding them hostage until I make up my g.d. mind about how I want this blog to look? If the answer lies deep within the muddle you call "helpful hints", please know that I will probably never again be able to add a link, picture, or other emphasis point. This will cause the last three people who read here to cast their eyes heavenward and delete me from their blogrolls.

Also: I do like the fact that I'm able to pick a new template without losing all my little tidbits. Why so few of them, though? Borrrr-ing! Alas the ease with which I'm able to do this is causing me to change the look of Chock Late every 2.5 days, mostly during screenings of the Laker games. Somebody stop me. Or better yet, give those icons back and I PROMISE, I will stay with this 'tiptoe through the tulips' look for at least a month.

Thanks for the laughs,


Kristin said...

I am much happier in my relationship with Typepad. Blogger kind of licks.

Maya said...

OMG! OMG! I got a comment from...the lovely Kristen! I knew I saw some Canadians, (Canadianennes?) but didn't dare think it'd be you! (attempting to recover composure) Blogger DOES lick.

chiefbiscuit said...

Amen to the blogger thing - all day yesterday i couldn't edit and it annoyed me that my colours were all up the wop.

Lindsay said...

OOO-ooo my cat puked on my comforter one was gross.


that made me laugh out loud. good times.

: )

desiree said...

*snorts* van by river.... Hence why I WILL NOT switch to the betaness. I do not trust it.

Where did the hardwood floor template go?

Maya said...

Killed the hardwood in a fit of pique. No really, I think I was just depressed about not getting the rest of the bricks.