Monday, December 04, 2006

Just another brick in the wall

Remember way back when when I was all excited about the cache of bricks I found around the corner from our house? With all my la-la-la happiness and fairy-bugs and recycled materials? Yeah....that didn't last long - to wit: Apparently despite my repeated conversations with the 'patron' of the job about "estes para free? .... yo quiero el brickos" and asking if I could take them "Si, si, si!", the answer should have been, "No, senora." When my helper-guy finally came to actually load them up, they were mostly gone (I think he may have been rendered temporarily blind/deaf/paralyzed by Britney's crotchal-region-flashing). He did manage to get a couple of small loads and drop them off at my house - only about a quarter of the amount I'll eventually need, but I can hardly complain, right? Since they were free and all, I figured I'd better start making use of them straightaway.

I tugged on my gloves, grabbed my few tools and started laying a curving set of lovely, old crumbly bricks loosely on the ground from our front walk to the side of the house. The look I'm going for is curving, whimsical garden walk, punctuated with big peices of sandstone and grasses weaving their way in and out to create a sort of 'dry riverbed' look. Like I told Scott, you'll have to trust me on this one, it's GOING TO LOOK COOL WHEN I'M DONE. PROMISE!

In other good salvaged/recycled materials news: I'm getting a bunch of huge wood beams from a friends' jobsite (and yes, I am SURE these are available). They'll be the perfect thing for my teahouse. Wait till you hear about that.... right now I've got to go - we're off to pick up some pavers.

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