Sunday, December 31, 2006

Time Marches On - A request for athletic supporters

Death March 2007 is tomorrow. Here's to the hope of another mostly sunny day...Seriously, wish me Tomorrow is another day like today, only warmer, will ya? If not, I'm going to have a crowd of chilly, grumpy people slogging along through the sand, silently cursing me and wishing they'd gone to the movies instead. Adding to my trepidations about the weather is the fact that we'll have the Pokey Little Puppies with us. The Who?, you ask -

Tell me you can't see the resemblances here:
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Cute round little "snouts"? Check.
Short, round tounges? Check.
Round little button-y eyes? Check.
Round over-sized heads with little ears sticking out? Check.
Extra-squishy little round bums, limbs and rounded feet? You betcha!

Ok, now that my ability to anthromorphize a human child into a cartoon character has been firmly established, we can move on to the science lesson. This morning, Scott awoke with the sudden notion that the tides were going to be pounding us into the cliffs somewhere. I assured him that no such thing would be happening, but here is a chart, just to establish my research was correct.

Every day has two high tides and two low tides - they go up, come down, go up, and come down every 24 hours or so, according to the season and the position of the moon. A negative tide is an unusally low tide. As you can see from my handy chart, we will be enjoying an extra-low tide for the majority of our walk tomorrow.

Day High/Low Tide/Time Height/Feet Sunrise/set
Monday Low 12:49 AM 2.4 7:05 am
High 7:16 AM 6.5 *
Low 2:42 PM -1.4** 5:00 pm
High 9:23 PM 3.7***

*Tide up, but going down steadily from seven in the morning onward - we start at about ten-thirty. The tide will be **going down, down, down until almost three, and than will ***start coming up again. However, it won't be nearly as high as it was in the morning, and won't reach the high mark until four and a half hours after we're done.

As long as everyone keeps moving and doesn't dally over lunch, we'll be in good shape. Wish us all luck and show your support in the comments!

Please note also: Am still taking suggestions for what will undoubtedly be our family's version of Vegas Vacation - Sans gambling. Thank you!


Chiada said...

We went to Vegas a few years ago with J.K. and Erin. We stayed at a hotel on the Old Strip because it was wayyyy cheaper than staying in a hotel on the New Strip. You should definitely visit the old strip, especially at night. They put on a light show that is pretty neat to see. Also the food anywhere on the Old Strip is super cheap. One place you should definitely check out, which is totally awesome, is this place inside the Pyramid casino (The Luxor). The place is called the Rum Jungle. It's more of a club, especially at night, but is quite the experience with some pretty exotic foods. We also toured through a whole bunch of the new casinos: The Luxor, New York New York, Bellagio, etc. One place we missed which everybody said we should have seen is The Venetian, so I guess you should go there. Also, there's a casino that is pirate-themed where they have a show outside of the casino where there's a big pirate ship in water with actors and swords and cannons and fire. It's pretty fun, too. Also, keep an eye out for celebrities, if that's your thing. We saw Pauly Shore at N.Y.N.Y., which was funny. I hear Circue de' Soleil is awesome, but I've never been. Of course, nearby is Hoover Dam and some other attractions. Have fun! And wear comfortable shoes!!

Maya said...

Heee! You told ME to wear comfy shoes! HaAAAA! GOOOD ONE!! LOL!

We're actually staying at the Venetian - (not paying for any of this rot, so I'm not too worried about it) but I'm up for some shows, fer suuure! Have heard many things about the Luxor, Bellagio, roller coaster, so hoping to see a few things. Mostly hoping to lie by the pool undisturbed by any/everyone except the cabana boy with my drink.

Wish me luck!