Sunday, December 31, 2006

Non Plussed....Live Blogging into 2007

Wow, we are the very pinnacle of excitement over here, aren't we? What with the heater hissing away, a glass of wine, two cats and the Lake- Hey! I can hear you starting to snore. Scott treated us to a lovely surprise yesterday - a flat screen t.v.! It's a considerable upgrade from the behemoth he's had for the last fourteen years or so. With the addition of a new, smaller corner unit for our living room, we'll be good to go. Oh, hey...the ball just dropped. Poor Dick Clark can...barely...count...down... the seconds. That Rihanna chick didn't even make the smallest of token efforts to lip-sync to her own song...she just kept flapping her thighs as though her hoo-ha was on fire and her hands were tied behind her back. It seemed to be one of her two dance moves; the other one was shaking her pelvis in a semi-rhythmic fashion. Le siiigh.

I sure hope the incredible excitement of this evening wasn't a foreshadowing of events for this year! In case it was, I apologize in advance and promise to just go ahead and not make any more blahhhhhhhhhg entries if I've got nothing interesting to say. According to my recent statistics, the people who come here arrive in search of a few things:

Primary among them are the story of the real-life Edie, for whom our Edie is named.
The other big draw seems to be Scotts' ongoing acquaintance with Paul Walker, who he hasn't seen lately, by the way. If you're a newcomer, read the above link - he's a totally nice guy, by all accounts. Side note for drooling fans: In my brief perusal, yes, he really is that attractive. You know, if you like that sort of tall, lean, blond, chiseled cheek-boned, piercing blue-eyed thing.
(Yawwwns, stretches, rolls eyes)
Here, I give you a random picture and a list of top ways people come here. I'm out!

  • wifedom stories - I do one video post, and there it is, all over Google. Strange.
  • mike post edie sedgwick's husband - Edie Reference #1
  • bottle of wine and thou hemingway - Romantic, if possibly violent. In a Clean, Well-Lit Place, perhaps?
  • spanish thing that goes over the n - I think it's called the ene.
  • cheddar cheese blops - I don't recall using "blops" as a word.
  • dollars stitches removed hawaii hand - I think stiches might cost more than a buck, even in Hawaii, bra.
  • how to make lemon ruskies - Lemonade + vodka + ice. Problem solved.
  • lisa kudrow boobs cleavage - I've never noticed, are they nice?
  • smooshy peas recipes - This is not the place for recipes. Peas are good when firm.
  • edie sedgwick & michael post. Again!
  • gray's anatomy green coat katherine hiegl - I don't remember this coat, and I watch the show all the time.
  • edie sedgwick michael post/michael post and edie sedgwick - Abloodygain
  • soft sweater anesthesia - I have no words here.
  • sightspeed blog mac timeout - techies, unite! (and while you're at it, you might want to go somewhere with better coding)


chiefbiscuit said...

You make me laugh! And that's what I love about you.
Have a Happy new Year and all the best for 2007 - a new TV? Now that's gotta mean a great year!

And that VERY book - cover and all - is the VERY Poky Little Puppy book I used to read to my kids, and I think all your analogies between your nieces? and the puppies are absolutely correct! How very astute of you.

Enjoy your walk. Tell Scott not to be such a worry wart. ;)

Maya said...

HI CB! Well, I try - the walk was FANTASTIC- will do a full write up asap.

The Pokey Little Puppies are my friends' kids - (thankfully no nieces out of my sisters yet, they're too young!) and we call them that all the time. Those two made it (with a few shoulder rides) the entire 10+ miles. It was awesome!

Jen-Again said...

The thing over the n to make it an enye sound is called a Tilde.

Happy New Year!