Sunday, December 18, 2005

49 Things...

Because I have no current "material":

My Seven Worst Habits:
-Not "maintaining" well - either the dishes/laundry/etc are DONE, or ... overflowing. No happy medium
-Reading/blogging instead of living life
-Sleeping to late
-Eating candy/not flossing often enough
-Starting projects and not finishing them
-Wishing for events beyond my control to magically be different
-Watching life instead of participating in it.

Seven things to do before I die:
-Travel to every inhabited continent (read: NOT Antarctica!) at least once - So far I've managed Europe, Australia and central, not actually South, America - I'll count North America when I go to Canada.
-Be a vegetarian for a while, try to enjoy it
-Live in another country (high on the list: Italy, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii, France) and become fluent, at least for day-to-day speech in the native tounge.
-Get one of "my" weddings published in a magazine.
-Write a book and submit it to a publisher without caring if it gets publshed/sells (THAT MUCH!!!)
-Have short, cute hair (very, very attached to my long hair) and change the color around a lot- with confidence! Part B- Get an "unusual" body part peirced. I'm thinking arm, liver or big toe, but not sure yet.

Seven things I can (or will) not do:
-Drive a bus, RV, large truck, etc
-Sing solo in public - or in front of anyone, ie: Kari/Care?/Cari? Oki? My idea of hell on earth
-Drink blood or any other bodily fluid, a la Survivor/etc (blech!)
-Get a tattoo...anywhere!
-Live in the snow! (NZ and italy notwithstanding - I'm living in the warmer parts!)
-Surrender to aging without a hell of a fight - bring on the Botox/plastic surgeon/whatever
-Say never!

Seven things that attract me to my spouse:
-Appreciates art/music/culture
-Doesn't belittle my crazy goals and projects
-Quite funny and not afraid to laugh at himself
-Plays a mean guitar
-Willing to dance with me
-Has seen me at my very worst and still loves me
-Curly dark (mostly) hair and green eyes

Seven things I say most often:
-No do! (long story)
-Are you hungry AGAIN!?
-Fynn/jamin/Bugbart- where's my baby booooyyyyy?
-Mooshi-Mooshi? Mooshi-Mooshi! (meaning: Hello!, or a name for S.)
-Love ya!
-(muttered Expletives) sorry mom

Seven books (or series) I love: (This one was by far the hardest for me)

All things E. Hemingway
The Robe
-Shakespeares' poetry, plays, works
-Moby Dick
-The Red Tent
-Anything by Isabel Allende
-Fortunes' Rocks or The Thorn Birds - toss, up, sorry!

Seven movies I watch over and over again (or would if I had time):

-Indiana Jones - all three of them!
-Girl with a Pearl Earring
-Breakfast at Tiffanys
-Ferris Buellers' Day Off

Bonus Round! Seven Things I Want to try:
-Henna body art - temporary but fun!
-Pufferfish - its poisonous if you eat the wrong part-- ooooh!
-Leechee icecream
-Vintage Tattinger (hic!), Bols, Bollinger and Dom - are they really THAT much better than the regular kinds?
-Getting all my hair braided and keeping it like that for a week or so

Joie de vivre!

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