Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Off in La-La Land

First a quick poll: How do you say the word crayon? Go over to Dooce and weigh in: Heather says "CROWN" - it is hysterical! I'd never realized how very southern she is until I heard the audio clip.

Normally, I cannot stand L.A. - the noises, the smog, the people, the attitude and worst of all, the traffic. The bloody traffic, people cutting each other off with inch-wide margins, the ruthlessness, the old homeless guys panhandling between the lanes. Naturally, the possibility that someone could just turn around and shoot you because they're having a no-good, very bad, horrible day is also a bit of a downer. I spend most of the time with my hands and feet in the braced posistion, poised for the impact. Long story short; I usually get wherever we're going in LA and require a very stiff drink and a bit of a lie-down.

However, I do believe I've found the way to combat most of these feelings - all I need to do is drive down with another woman - one as paranoid as I am. Yeah! Christy is the best - she takes directions (I am the Navigator, its what I do), will double back if need be, and understands that one must Brake for Sales. Please stop reading now if you are not a Bargain/Deal Shopper.

Things that May Have Come Home with Me, In List Form

  1. Very cute shoes (three pairs for $25.00) Roni will be getting her pair as soon as she sends me The Box back.
  2. Two bikinis - $35.00
  3. Various tops, skirts and underbits
  4. A toe ring and belt in sparkly-type materials
  5. Did I mention the SHOES?
  6. Very cute L.B.D. (little black dress) for ten dollars. Ten. Dollars.
It just doesn't get better then that, you know? More later, must fly.


Chiada said...

So you mean... the reason you went to LA was simply to shop???

My bro just went down & got 3 nice suits, ties, socks, & shirts for cheeeeeeeeap! Hollywood Suit Outlet or something like that. Hmmm, the last time I went to LA to shop was when E & I dropped somebody off at LAX as a favor & then checked out the jewelry district when we were shopping for wedding rings. Ended up not getting anything from there. But it made for some nice memories.

:D Hey, the 3 of us gals should do a trip soon!

chiefbiscuit said...

Great insight into LA - thanks!

Meepers said...

No... the reason we went to LA was to go to LA (without der menfolks) ... the shopping was purely incidental. Also the drinks. Purely incidental.