Thursday, June 01, 2006

An Open Letter, to the Haves

Dear Parents of Children*,

First, a sincere thank you for doing your part (even you, Duggar family) to keep the human species around, share the light, laughter and love that is family life with all of us, and for the many great mommy and daddy blogs you've inspired. Really, there can't be enough of people like Jen from jenex (step-mom, adoptive and now pregnant and blogging the whole thing...crazy-cool!). Plus, someone has to tell the funny poop stories.
*As opposed to those who parent animals, plants or possibly lumps of clay.

Next: The fact that you have kids does not mean you get to "settle" any and all "discussions" we may have by the cunning and over-simplistic phrase, "You don't understand because you don't have children!" This is the kind of arguing tactic I refer to, poetically, as caca de toro.
Frankly, it is along the exact same lines as if I were to say, "Well, you don't understand my feelings because you don't have a third arm. As a tactic, it falls right along the lines of sticking your fingers in your ears and screaming, "la-la-la-la-laaa!". Please Shut Up and develop another line of actual reasoning, asap.

That is all.
A-hem. Anyone? Anyone? As you may have noticed, I was a wee bit irritated yesterday, because I've recently had a rather heated hour-long conversation with someone who used the "U.R.Barren/of all valid opinions" bit on me. Unfortunately, this was someone who I completely allow(ed) to get way deep in under my skin, and there is no way I can avoid having similar talks with in future. Grrr!!


Fizzle said...

Caca de toro, I love it. It's true, somehow we of no children are looked to as irresponsible because of our lack of dependents as well.

Great writing, look forward to reading more.

Meepers said...

Thank you very much! Hopefully not all rants, heh?