Monday, June 05, 2006


To celebrate our anniversary, we'll be in... lovely downtown Tiajuana .... getting dental work. Hooray! Nothing says romance like, "Open wider please!", and "Aaaaght? Oouu aant me 'o open wiider 'an 'this?" Luckily we'll have the consolation of a couple of days spent at a beach house in San Deigo with some friends.

See you on Sunday!


Fizzle said...

Oh, that's rough. A beach house. Listen, really sorry to hear that you'll be lazing on the beach with friends, sipping sweet drinks that remind us of south of the border.

Don't forget to take the painkillers *before* the margaritas. Great combination.

Meepers said...

OH hellll ya - I keep joking that its going to be "pass the percoset and pour me another margie, dear!" all week long! The bad news is we only have like two or three nights of beach house - the rest are going to be dodgy-motel-just-north-of-the-border. Eeesh!

the sightspeed guy said...

If you come back with Mexi-Dental teeth, I will sooooo laugh at you guys.

Meepers said...

Am back - not a Mexi-Dental tooth in sight - the guy did a great job and we'll be going back for round two (my crowns, whitening, etc) next month. You would not believe what a deal it was! Sweeet!

bee said...

hi, meeps.

it's been a while - the anniversary post was quite touching...sniff...and the duggars? had no idea they existed, and holy crap they frighten me. i don't know if it's gauche to admit that, but holy hell.

glad you didn't get mexi-dental teeth.