Sunday, June 04, 2006


So... a bit of a switch-up from the last entry.

Today (well, come five pm) it will be six years since this picture and the events that surrounded it transpired. Honestly, it doesn't feel like six years - I don't feel six years older, certainly not six years' wiser. I suppose when you talk to older couples and they say, "Oh, it seems like just yesterday that we got married!"

However, when I put things in a different perspective -it has been a long time. Think about it:

-The iPod revolution came and changed (most of) our lives, we greedy little consumers. Cell phones, MySpace, blogging and the general digital revolution have completely taken over all of our lives, like or not - I mean, given the fact my mother and father, the biggest Techno-Phobes ever, actually have cell phones - it is official.

-9/11, Shrub, WMD's, Osama, 'nuff said. Blaaaah.

-By my (quick) count, our friends and family have produced (and/or adopted) upwards of forty offspring, like this little booger, here. (Our neice, "M.C."). Had we jumped right onto this bandwagon, we could be harboring someone who would be starting off to school in September. Imagine... the bags under my eyes would have been upgraded from "Weekend Duffle" to "Louis Vuitton does the Grand Tour." Awesome!
-We've been several places, like Australia (great wine, nice beaches, funny animals and a steal), Costa Rica (my favorite. place. ever - Those of you who know me in real life don't need me to rhapsodize further about this - for the rest, that would be a whole different post) Denmark, New York, Finland, and a few of the states. Hawaii (honeymoon - I love Hawaii! Colorado (to visit Mama and Papa de Meepers) and Oregon (friends' new baby + we stayed in their trailer + severe food poisoning = good times!). Since we've both got chronic wander-lust, our current "short list" goes something like this:

-Italy (shoes! food! Italian! friends to see! Plus: So romantic! and of course, WINE)
-Greece (I think Greece is for Scott what Costa Rica is for me - both are hot and incredibly beautiful. Can't wait - also: Crazy amounts of history! WINE! bouzoukis! riding tiny donkeys!)
-Prague. I've really, really, really wanted to visit here for... quite some time. I believe Scotts' sister and her husband (parents of the cutie up there) are going to go and I'm a 50/50 combo of so happy for them! and so jealous!)
-England - We'd really like to visit some friends and go there together. Since our history together stems from travel, our first conversation ever went like this:
Me: "Hi! I'm Maya! ... and I'm going to England!"
Scott: "Hi! I'm Scott - I just got back from England! Cool!"
Me: "Cool!", etc)

Those are just a few of the things that have changed that I can list right off the top of my head, please add your ideas in the comments.

Six years ago I was in the middle of making up my centerpieces, trying to keep the dirt out from under my freshly-manicured nails and tears of pure frustration from pouring down my cheeks. I wasn't nervous or sad about getting married, being married or the wedding itself - I knew that the big things were taken care of and the details would sort themselves out. My frustration stemmed from the fact that a sizeable percentage of our friends and family a) just did not understand why we were getting married b) were sure we'd be having an eight-pound 'premature' baby along shortly c) expressed varying degrees of doubt, cynicism, trepedation, mistrust or tried to talk us out of getting married altogether. Were I less polite, or if this wasn't a mostly family-friendly blog, I'd have exactly two words for them - as it is, I've had some rather heated conversations with some of them of late. (See last entry)

None of that matters in the last when I turn over in the early morning, (taking care not to disturb the cats of course) snuggle up to his warm back and say, "Babe, you know I love you more now, right?", and he mumbles back, "Mmmhhmmm...You' sweet.......Can you rub my back?", and gives me a sleepy squeeze and a kiss wherever he can land it. In the last few years we've had lots of friends get pushed out of Santa Barbara by the absurd cost of living and the paupers' wages that most jobs pay. The only positive result of all of this leaving was the two of us, already friends for years, were almost force-melded into become this unit, a twosome, a couple of aces left in the hole. I have friends that ask me if we don't get sick of each other being together so many hours of the day; my answer sounds saccarine, but is completely honest - I'd rather spend time with him than many, if not most, people.

Happy anniversary, dear. He won't read this, but hopefully I make him at least six times as happy as when we got married, and only a few times more crazy. Mooshi-Mooshi!


chiefbiscuit said...

So sweeeeet! You actually look a little like my daughter - she's beautiful too.

Chiada said...

Errrm, I truly hope I was not one of "those" people who said things to make you cry before your wedding. I think I might have said something ONCE! but I know it wasn't right before you got married. So-so sorry, m'dear. E. & I got a bit of flack too, but not so much that I cried. I guess it's those meet-to-marry in 6 months episodes that get people all jumpy & worried.

Happy Anniversary dahling!! You two are the cutest couple & well suited to eachother.


Meepers said...

Thanks - I didn't actually cry- I just walked around gritting my teeth and drinking beers. Heh!

Thaaaank you everyone!

the sightspeed guy said...

Wow. I guess time really does fly. You encapsulated things pretty well. Was it that long ago we were on the beach in our suits & dresses?

Happy anniversary!

Lynn said...

I looooove that photo from your wedding!

Meepers said...

Thanks, P. - it really was that long ago - look at the two of you there, trying to give Scott a big ole' smooch!

Lynn - thanks - our photographer is a great friend of ours - he's been shooting weddings forever, so he was really the only choice.