Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Mixed Message

Go now and rent (buy) this movie: The End of the Spear - I know, it's a Christian movie, but trust me on this one: Its a good. movie. S, naturally was bawling his eyes out (not a rare thing, the man cries during commercials). Speaking of crying -the funeral will be on Saturday. As far as details go - As best as they can tell our friend was distracted by the phone, hit the median and flipped violently a few times, ending up slammed into a tree. Fortunately she was killed instantly. It took them six hours to pry her body from the car - again I beg of you to stay off the bloody phone while you're driving.

Last night four of our friends from up north called us a few minutes after I put up that post. They were in town for the night (surf trip), needed a hotel (I think this house might actually break if four big surfer guys were to stay in it at the same time) and wanted to hang out with us and commiserate/catch up. (Stop reading now if you are related to me, please) I don't think I've ever been even close to this hungover. Fynn and Edie seemed to know that I was feeling a bit feeble, and one or the other of them, or both, have been glued to my side all day long. They say animals can sense illness, smell fear, predict earthquakes - but our little pair of big eared/eyed reprobates are walking, 'talking', purring tonics of warm fuzzy, healing goodness.

So I got to thinking about the many ways our pets enhance our lives, and than I looked over at my blogroll and started thinking about all of you. As it turns out, we're just a big bunch of animal lovers. I mean, check this out:

Of these, I've only "met" Chloe, Rayna and my sisters' cats - but I'm hoping to run up north and meet Raisin soon (coughs, shuffles feet), Holly is en route to San Francisco, and Eden only lives a few miles south of us, so who knows?


the sightspeed guy said...

Raisin is the best mutt ever. EVER. Makes Benji look like a retarded short bus dog. Lassie is a brain-damaged mongoloid in comparison.

Now go back to sleep you lush.


Hay Lady said...

Hey M, great new background. I seem to be suffering from a serious case of SB envy since it will be approaching 110 degrees this weekend. AHHHHH!!!! I have fallen off the blog wagon and can't get up. Hoping to resume blabbing soon. I'm sorry to hear about your friend. Take care.

Meepers said...

SSG: I love Raisin already... starting with his name, you know? Thanks for the shout-out - I'm linking that entry because The other 3 people that read here need to Vote now on X-box vs. Box Canyon in Yosemite- even though I'm not much of a camper myself anymore, you can bet your bottom dollar I'd happily drag a few worthy kiddies up somewhere to live in the dirt for a few days.

Hay Lady- I just Googled "free blogger templates" - you can also go over to and see her stuff. Very cute!