Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Not to depress you on a Tuesday- but we just got a phone call. The kind of phone call you never, ever want to get.

One of our friends, Jada Edkins, got killed in a car accident early this on her way home from Sacramento. She was twenty-four years old. I have absolutely no details on how/where/what/why - those of you who know me, this was one of S' friends from Monterey, so you probably don't know her. Either way, the result was the same: A whole family is sitting somewhere in ruins, planning a memorial service for someone who was in the prime of her life less than twenty-four hours ago.

Please, please, I beg of you: Buckle up, don't drink and drive, or talk on the phone, and SLOW DOWN! Y'all drivers (I abstain for insurance/nonsense/never had a drivers' license purposes) scare the hell out of me most of the time. Your extra five or ten minutes aren't worth it.

I'm fine, don't need any phone calls - but may post more details as they become clear. Or not.


chiefbiscuit said...

Sad for you. Terrible to get sudden news like that. Hug someone you love real hard.

LindsayJustine said...

bummer. i hate thoes phone calls...friday - drinks - mandatory. (((hugs)))

Meepers said...

Linds.. actually drinks are sounding TERRIBLE right now, know what I mean?

LindsayJustine said...

: (

yea, i do know what you mean. all too well...

im sorry!!!

Astrid said...

Thanks, Meepers for posting this tragic news. A client of Jada's, I was shocked and confused to see a notice for a memorial service in her name in our tiny local Carmel newspaper. Looking for some explanation, I googled her name and found your delightful blog. I share in your sadness. It was only a few weeks ago that I talked to her sunny, smiling face at a local restaurant. What a loss for all... But thanks for the explanation I was seeking...

Meepers said...

Hi Astrid! My husband is a PG/Carmel/Pebble native, so of course we were back for the memorial this past weekend. There were almost 400 people there, which was really nice for the Edkins family to see.

Did you by any chance run into Jada at El Fornaio or Rio Grill? So sad!

Nafen said...

This is so great that there's somewhere on the net that speaks of Jada as more than a statistic :) She was good friends with my ex wife and I got to know her about ten years ago. Though I hadn't seen her in about a year, she hadn't changed. Very upbeat, happy, smiling all the time. There were 360 people at her memorial. Says a lot about who she was and how loved she is! She will be missed terribly. Thank you for having this blog on here. It seemed so impersonal to just see quick little references on the net. Jada was sweet and happy and I for one will never forget her joy :D

Meepers said...

Nafen - did you go to the memorial? We did - I heard it was 366, but there were TONS of people that came late, left early, etc.

Diana said...

July 17,2006

I want to tell you a story of the gentle strength and loving influence we have within our AVEDA families.

On June 20th, 2006, ADARA salon lost a sweet and positive friend and talented employee through a tragic car accident. Jada Edkins was a star to all who knew her.

Two days ago, I had Erin, one of Jada’s clients, in my chair. Over the last year, in observing Erin, I took her to be a very intelligent introspective woman that probably had a very important global job. She was quiet but always very interested in Jada’s stories of travel and nature. While I was coloring Erin’s hair, she opened-up about how she had been profoundly touched by Jada’s delightful spirit and then told of what she had done to honor her.

I was right about Erin - she is a consultant working all around the world with a United Nations reforestation program. She said she had just come back from South West Kenya where she was coordinating with the Green Belt Movement which was started by Wangari Maathai. Dr. Maathai was the first African woman to win a Nobel Peace prize for her persistent struggle for democracy, human rights and environmental conservation.


The Green Belt Movement is a grassroots organization whose main focus is the planting of trees with women’s groups in order to conserve the environment and improve their quality of life.


Through Phase One of the movement Maathai has assisted women in planting more than 20 million trees on their farms and on schools and church compounds.

Erin is working with Phase Two which is planting trees on public lands. In her charge, she was responsible for one square kilometer in Southwest Kenya which is a land of cliffs and valleys and also winter home to the Masai. The oversight given to Erin allowed her to name her square kilometer - she named it the JADA Forest. Knowing Jada as she did, she felt it would have pleased her very, very much.

Jada’s memory will live on as another link of love to the pure intent of Wangari Maathai and especially through the sustainable forest of indigenous plants and trees in Kenya named the JADA Forest.

As told by Diana Taylor, founder, ADARA salon

Meepers said...

Wow! How cool! She would have loved that - I'll be sure to pass that on to her family the next time I see them.