Thursday, July 27, 2006

Travel Log

  1. Days Since Normal Food Consumed: Seven
  2. Food-like items trickled painfully down my throat: Two cans of soup, (shup up, heat!) a few tablespoons of raspberry sorbet/soy vanilla ice cream. Lots of water.
  3. New fans purchased to help with oppressive heat and high humidity: Four
  4. Minutes it takes to sweat through a sheet : Eight
  5. Level of pain of arms cruelly going through "steriod reaction" (like withdrawl, but more fun) 9 of 10.
  6. How many times the cats CHIRRRRRRRRRRRRP? and MWWWWWWWORRRRRRRE? at me every night as I lay on our couch (can't sleep in the bed for some reason) 84,923,209. Each
  7. Number of showers taken a) per day: 4 b:) between 1 am-5 am: one. Every night.
  8. Amount of times I've been asked, 'Ya feelin' better, Yet? Huh? huh? are ya? huh?"
  9. Number of things I'm forgetting on this list: So many, but I'm really, really tired nowzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


chiefbiscuit said...

So sorry you're sick - sounds bad reallyreally bad ... poor pumpkin. :(

Chiada said...

This is all a conspiracy in order to lose weight on a liquid diet. ;P I kid! I kid!

Poor baby. : ( Bein' sick, especially in hot muggy weather is the pits. I pity you. I was sick for half the summer the year you got married, remember? And I remember that was a very warm summer, too. C'mon, Meeps! Don't give up on us! You're not taking care of us! :D

<3 WawaKiki

desiree said...

One of my favorite Cathy Comics (leave me alone...) is where she is super sick, lieing in bed, all miserable and she says "I wonder how much weight I will possibly lose"

I just hope that you start feeling better SOON.